Saturday, August 7, 2010


Roxanne will kill me when she see's me posting this picture, but compared to the following one, I think Roxanne's a beauty!

I don't know this person, but they dress like this to be noticed, and so I took her picture!!
Weird!! I thought she looked like a a rooster.

Meet my Granddaughter's, Erica and Sarah! I hardly recognized them when they walked in. I haven't seen them in two years and what beauty's they turned into being!!

What a very proud Grandmother!!!

Erin, where went your smile?

We had dinner then went to the movies to see "Dispicable Me", which was fun, then back to Erin's house. Peter her husband was away with his mother, so we missed him.

What is Erica hiding under her blouse?? All the stuff she snuck into the movie theatre!!

Oh my, you fooled all those young guys also coming to see the show, who thought you were STACKED!!!

Would you believe it!!! Careful Erica, you will rot your teeth or look like your Grandmother one sneaks up on you!

Back to Erin's

Sarah proud of her cat. I forget it's name!

And her artwork

She introduced her (budgie?) bird to us, and this bird is the bravest little thing! Lands on the floor beside the dog and he just tolerates her.

I love this picture of Erica and Gizmo
Love this picture of Sarah on a FireStation visit a few years ago.

Well, that's it for the end of this blog. We will be leaving Belleville in the morning.
It's been nice seeing everyone again, and I don't know really when I'll be back in town again! (Words to a song that I drove everyone nuts with, and I know Roxanne will groan at this!) I wish I could have seen everyone on our visit, but time just doesn't allow it.
But it was a fantastic time and thank you to everyone that made this visit such fun.
Stay in touch!
More blog in a day or two from St. Catharines.
Oops...just a couple more from Belleville I almost forgot.
Actually this was my last two photos of Belleville and it's of Mike, our host. 
and our hostess Lisa, who was home sick!
Many thanks to both of you!!

Love Mom

Stay tuned, more to follow. Note: I skipped many pictures, but I'm sure everyone is getting tired of following my trip.

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