Monday, August 9, 2010


It was a fabulous day and Kass came up with a wonderful plan to go to Port Dover for a picnic along the water and just have a relaxing day! 
It was wonderful!

I THINK Kass said that was Ohio across the water but I could have heard wrong!

We found this little patch of earth to lay our bones and set up to relax, eat, read and listen to music.

Kass relaxing

Really relaxing

Roxanne TRYING to relax, but little Miss Mischief kept wanting to play!

Finally they both settle down! Oop' that TJ or a rag beside her?

Me? I was relaxing until I got too much in the shade and was cool, so my loving sister bundled me up.
I just lay there and looked at the beauty above me!

Just relaxing, studying the leaves and my feet and that damn broken toe, that still is causing me much grief and pain from FEB! I've had a shot of cortisone in it, but not much help. I have heat rash on my feet from my shoes too!! Poor Linda!

When we first arrived at Port Dover, we each had a Perch Dinner at this very bustling fish restaurant called KNECHTEL. Apparently it's the best in town!! Also, my sister said there is a connection to Capreol, with the daughter of my brother's family friends owing this place, or something like that!

Before we headed home we stopped at Tim Horton's and I had my second in 20 years milk shake at the new Stone Cold Ice Cream which is now part of Tim's. This is the same delicious milkshake I swore I wouldn't have for another 20 years, and I'm having another within a week! Ohhh, again, I wasn't feeling well after. The ice cream is delicious, but I think my system has turned lactose intolerant or something!

Oh! What's going on here!!!

The end of a wonderful day! Goodbye Port Dover!!

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