Monday, August 16, 2010


Not much else is new around here. We went for a drive along the many beaches yesterday and what a mass of sun bathers. I don't remember back in the 60's when I was a teen ager of being as thin as the girls are now. I really was thin then, but still not as thin as today's kids. Well, to be honest, I was NEVER thin, but not fat either, and I'm not using that disgusting phrase of "pleasingly plump!" I even asked Tom if he thought the girls back then were ever as pretty as the girls today!! Something in the genes and the food have changed and damn it, why isn't it working for us old folks also!! Horrid things happen to us as we age eh? All these dam fat deposits everywhere!! Where and when did that start? It creeps on a person, I think when we sleep we morph into something else. Not only that, but when in the heck is it as we get older that we lose our appetite and our love for food? Nothing like that has happened to me yet, and I'm still waiting for that moment when I can refuse something and really mean it, without feeling I've deprived myself and feel on one side of my brain, that my prayer to God for willpower has been finally answered, while the other side of my brain is telling me to reach across the table and shove it and  smash it into my big gob!

Now, I know on the other hand, I've got to be careful what I'm wishing for! It's people who are very sick that can't eat, and I don't want to become sick at all. Trouble is...I can still eat when I'm sick!! What a mess in my mind as I write this!
 Okay God, please give me willpower to CONTROL my eating, please, don't make me sick at all. Also, can you take away all the envy I feel when looking at thin people!! Also, dear God, could you please get it into the heads of those people who design pants for us "over achievers" to stop putting on back pockets!!! My ass is big enough without that type of design! 

I just had to get up and move the owl we bought to scare away the birds. It has the hugest eyes, and it's staring right at me. I feel like I'm in a Stephen King book. I kept feeling my eyes turning towards it, until it began to creep me out! What's that old song..I kept looking back to see if it was looking back at me....! Everytime I glanced at it, it seemed the eyes got bigger, and out of the corner of my eye, when I was trying not to look at it, I was sure it blinked!!!! 
Weird or what?

By the way..for those Stephen King fans out there, who like the macabre, his son is also writing the same type of book, but he goes under the name of Joe Hill. Stephen King's wife Tabitha also writes scary books, and I heard that another son, does also, but I don't know what name he goes under. Must be one very strange family huh? Now, those are weird genes to pass along, except, it does make them millionaires as writers. I wonder if they are always thinking up ways to outdo one another and forever jumping out of closets and saying "BOO!" I must admit, I was into Stephen Kings books years ago, but life being what it is, there are enough things to scare me without reading about more.

The book I'm reading now, is not much better but more....what is the word....intellectual? Not sure about that either!! It's also scary in a very different way. It's called Fractal Time. by Greg Braden. We've all heard the theory about the world change in 2012? This is about past cycles of climate, global warming, and the earths protective shield and what these things mean to us.  How the Mayan civilization of 51 centuries ago, and their calendar calculated that we are living the completion of a 5,125 year long cycle of time that will end with the winter solstice on Dec.21, 2012. Not, to mean in any way the end of the world, but the beginning of the next world age. Fascinating stuff!!!!

Just to let you know, that while I went in to get the authors name of Fractal Time, to put on here, I grabbed a bag of Hickory Sticks! So, here I sit, shoving them into my mouth and they aren't the easiest thing to eat delicately, you really have to open wide and shove them in! Meanwhile, some are falling down though my V-neck and into my bra! Gonna be a mess when I undress tonight and say "Yes, dear, watched my diet all day!" Not that my husband minds at all, as long as I can still move about and bend over to tie my shoelaces and do a zillion other things when I'm down there. NO!! Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean, pick up junk from the floor, straighten the mat and find his shoes and stuff like that!!

Speaking of bra's, here's a great way to use up those old bra's!

Well, time for me to mosey on. I haven't written one of my thoughts and meanderings on here for a long while, just shown pictures. Maybe I should just show pictures eh?

To end this, let me tell you that just NOW, the wind blew the owl over and he's back to staring right at me again!!! I think I'll move and go sit somewhere else. 

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