Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just like back in ye ol school days, I'm writing an essay on my day!
To start, let me tell you that back eons ago, another century in fact, back in those glorious teenage years , when it came time for me to hand in a report on the book we were supposed to have read, and I didn't, because I had other things on my mind, such as boys and having fun instead of studying, which in turn, led to me not being very smart and not landing a great paying job in my working years. All because of the opposite sex and what a wink or a glance from some handsome hunk, that would send me into daydreaming all day long as my book I was supposed to have read sat in my book binder forgotten, until the day my report was due!
What to do, what to do? Well, I'd make up some fictitious story, add a unknown author and  PRAY!!
Would you believe it worked!!! I always passed in English Literature! I'm just very happy that computer's  had not been invented back then, which I'm sure the teacher would have checked out my authors and my paper would have a big black "O" on the top!

Good Lord, why did I tell you that...it was leading to something, but I've forgotten now.
It had something to do with the Baileys, but it will come back to me!

Anyway, we had an appointment for Tom's hearing this morning at 9 am, so up and at it and away we went. From there, we went for breakfast and I ate one egg, one piece of toast, and 2 pieces of bacon. Not so very interesting blog is it? Hang in there!

From there, guess what was right next door to this restaurant in North Vancouver? A fantastic LIBRARY, which if you follow the blog the Library is our home away from home in West Vancouver, so I was in my glory at all new different books and CD's. My heart was palpitating loudly as we walked through the doors. I made a firm vow, I wasn't going to bring home any books or CD's because I already had half of West Van's Library at home Not,  to mention 10 CD's and lots of thick dust covering the tables and furniture because I'm so stressed out at having to get these all read and looked at before the due date and just no time for cleaning!!!
We had to leave earlier then planned because our parking ticket ran out of time, so we headed back to the car, trying not to drop the load of items I had checked out. The devil made me do it!

I've already watched a few of the earlier CD's of a series from England called "The Vicar of Dibbley" and had exhausted West Vancouver's supply, but North Van Library had the last few editions on CD before the show was cancelled. I LOVE this series. I sit and laugh out loud and giggle and titter during the whole show and can't believe it was ever cancelled. If you get a chance, please watch all the CD's.

So again, no cleaning, no dusting, the layers of dust remain all over the place. No laundry has been done, which means no clean underwear again tomorrow. Guess, I'll just turn them inside out and wear again another day! JOKING!!!!!

Which brings me back to the Bailey's! I was in such a cheerful mood after watching these shows and vegetating in my comfy chair, that when Tom offered me a before dinner drink, my first thought was "Oh Lord, I forgot to take anything out for dinner". When I told him this, he said "Aww, forget it, I'm not hungry anyway...he ate pancakes, two eggs, bacon, homefries and a couple cups of coffee...compared to what I ate, no wonder he said to forget it, but in all honestly, he's just a gem of a husband! So, sure...I'll have a drink, only make mine Bailey...I love the stuff!!

So, here I sit, a little bombed, having had a tumbler full as I don't believe in going back and forth to keep filling the glass, just bring a tumbler full and I won't have to get up again. Well, it has hit me like a ton of bricks on my empty stomach, so if none of this makes sense or has any consistency to it, then forgive me!
And that's my blog for tonight!
OOP'S....have to show you the moon pictures I took the last few nights and then ta ta!

(Above) The moon with the lights from the Lions Gate Bridge
(Below) Last Night

Below, more moon shots!

Now the mountains! Five minutes later, the clouds were all gone!

Now, that I'm on a a roll, here's one more from this morning when I woke up and looked out the window. It's always just so beautiful here, I can't resist taking all these pictures. Such a beautiful place to live.

Fare thee well, I'm out of Baileys and heading to bed as my head is a little wonky!

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