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I have this wonderful cousin (1st, 2nd, 3rd cousin..who cares), she's family, and I'm darn proud of her!
Meet Emily!

I only met Emily a few months ago and fell in love with her spirit. She has MS disease, but what a fighter! She's upbeat, extremely brave and a lovely outgoing young lady.
Her mother send me these photos of Emily yesterday of a sport she has undertaken, that astonished me! I would never have the nerve to do this sport, yet there Emily is, going at it with gusto and sheer enjoyment!
Please click on this link, and I sure hope it works for you, and that you will be as inspired as both Tom and I have been. 
Way to go Emily!

Click on link and scroll down to article called
 "Zen of Paddle with MS Warriors Dragon Boat Team" Emily is being interviewed

A true Warrior!

On to some more Yakety Yak...

Even though my husband Tom, hasn't been feeling well lately, and I mean NOT FEELING WELL! His hernia repair from last Nov. is acting up and something very painful is going on, and we have to wait until the surgeon returns from vacation to get into see him.
But, he is so good to me, and even though he wasn't feeling well, he was determined to take me out someplace I hadn't been before to put a smile on my worried face. It was also pouring rain and not a nice morning at all, but he had this place on his mind and wanted to go see it and experience for himself as well.

We drove down by Granville Island and I'm thinking, he can hardly walk, why is he going here! But he turned off a little side street, right by the pier and this is where we ended up.
A fish shack eating place called "GO FISH". It had just opened for the day and people where lined up in the rain! Tom had read how fantastic the fish and chips are.

Nothing stops for rain in Vancouver! We ended up eating our order in the car and it was pretty darn delicious!
Then this boat pulled up in front of where our car was, and through the fogged up windows, I could see this man dumping fish...lots of fish in containers, so I took a walk down to the pier to have a look!
These are all red sockeye salmon!
The fisherman's son fills barrel after barrel and the father hauls it up and dumps many big containers.
Commercial fisherman and this all is sold and what a profit!
Look at that poor fellow down in the hold. Very nice people they were too!
We bought one from them for $20.00. Tom said to buy it in a store, you could double that and maybe more!
We are having one of these fish for dinner tonight, I just have to NOT think of how it looked in this picture when it's on my plate!

This cute bicycle parked near by as an ornament caught my eye and I had to get a picture of it too!

More Yakety Yak

I actually pulled myself from a nice warm bed this morning and went for a walk. Tom had suffered another horrible night and was sleeping in the only spot he can get comfy,the lazy-boy chair and was sleeping soundly too, so I tip toed out the door, after him a note. This was an unusual event for me and I didn't want to scare him when he woke and I was gone! I hate to leave him at all when he's like this, but, I really felt like I needed a good long walk.

So quiet and serene in the early morning. By this afternoon, this place will be wall to wall people, swimming, sunning, picnicking and enjoying's such a short season!

Good morning Mr. Seagull!
Yup! Its salmon fishing time again!
The Ducks are up!
The ducks are down! The queen said " Off with their heads!"
I love this little walk around the lagoon! So pretty!
Back on the Seawall again.
I love this tusk type grass!
Lot's of fishermen out, hoping for that big catch.
These next two photo's are my favourite ones of the day! They look like a painting.
Much the same only with more water showing.
Just after doggie park, but not even the dogs where out this early!
I turned around  then because I didn't want to walk the road home with the traffic, and there was another bunch of fishermen in the water and on the shore.
I took another direction and was it a boring one!
Back to civilization and I'm getting very tired!
Almost home now!

Just a little more Yakety Yak!

A few more moments from the other day when Tom and I went for a little drive and a sit by the water.

Can you tell I'm a photographer wannabe?

Ambleside getting ready for a festive weekend.
Isn't he handsome? I think so!
Which is why I took the picture under the "HANDS OFF!"
I messed up on this one, but like it anyway.
Your age is showing badly, Linda!

A long blog eh? After I came home this morning, we had breakfast, and I began to vacuum the deck outside, but I knocked over big water fountain and had water all by the dining room door, so couldn't continue it, so then tackled cleaning the rug shampoo machine, and had trouble getting it apart and back together again, so then, went to put it into the storeroom and that was an experience in itself! The storage room is full of junk that needs to be cleaned out, and I had to quickly shut the door, before everything fell out! Then went to make us lunch and dropped two eggs on the floor! I had planned to iron this afternoon, but then my temper was on a high and I thought I better just sit down and blog!
So there you have it. Now, I'm off to cook a salmon dinner.

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  1. There is nothing wannabe about your photography. Your pictures are beautiful!!!


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