Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm messing about on this blog, trying out some new things. Almost lost the whole darn thing this morning!
I'm also going to attempt to help a friend make his own blog with me guiding him on here, sometime today, so if you see strange things on here, it's me just trying to tell him what to do next on his computer, many miles away.

In the meantime, I'll try putting some latest pictures of my walk the other day and see if they come out all right. If anyone has any suggestion for this blog to make it better, please tell me and I'll TRY to learn how.  I know there are some great tools out there to use and some blogs have beautiful designs on them, but, I sort of like mine simple....much like my mind!

It was a blustery day right by the water. I kept trying to catch a big wave as it splashed against the rocks. It didn't happen in this picture.

Got it on this one though!

The ocean looked so dark in this one.

I wanted to show you something odd in Vancouver that I rarely see anyway!
Brown grass!!! Usually it's so lusciously green with all the rain we get, but this summer, we've had a real lack of rain. However today does look like we could end up with some.

I stopped and watched these seagulls having a bath, and was giggling at their antics. I wish I could have thrown them a scrub brush!

Some people may think, that little things certainly amuse me, but nobody that day, stopped to look at them in the water, and if they did, it maybe would have cheered their day. It's like "stop and smell the roses" sort of thing, and I stop and enjoy just about everything I come across. I'm so easily entertained eh?

A lovely little respite to rest awhile. Everywhere in West Vancouver, and along the sea wall, are MANY benches, with brass plaques of loved ones who have passed way attached to every bench. They all have lovely little sayings on all of them as well as the name of person who has gone onto another journey.
Some are so touching they can make a lump in your throat!

Some birds prefer showers instead of baths!

Careful, you may be next to get photographed!
Bye from LInda

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