Monday, August 9, 2010

Ontario and Rib Fest and BBQ at Irene's

Another day and more fun! Roxanne and I went down to the market and what a good market it is!! Many tempting things to buy!

We had decided to go with Kass  the next day to the Rib Fest, when he was home from Toronto but we just drove past the Rib Fest and our noses picked up the wonderful aroma of BBQ'd ribs, so we thought we'd just have a walk around for now.
Montabello Park Rib Fest

Ribs, Blues Band music and family entertainment! Specialized chefs from across North America bring their closely guarded secret sauces and styles of serving a variety of the world.s best ribs. Montebello Park, St. Catharines 

Our walking around led to this!!

Tender and delicious!

And to this.... but we had lots of left-overs!

Then over to my sweet Aunt Irene's to look take her some flowers and to look at old pictures and also have many laughs.

Aunt Irene! Isn't she sweet!!

After that we came home and watched a hilarious movie called "Death at a Funeral". It's been a long time since I laughed so hard at a movie. Don't miss this one!!

Next day, we again went to Auntie Irene's for a delicious BBQ with all her children and grandchildren and all my relatives too!

This is REALLY what my Aunt Irene looks like, not like the one above. This is with her grandchildren. Lovely picture!

My other sweet Auntie Colleen (both Irene and Colleen are my mother's sisters)
and this is Colleen's daughter Kelly.
Colleen's husband, my Uncle Jack
Look's like mischief!! Roxanne, Jacqueline and Rachel

Sean and Wendy

I look at Laurie and I feel so old!! I once changed this gals diapers when she was a baby!! Where does the time go?

Thank you Irene for a wonderful day and having a BBQ just for me!!

Next day, Roxanne and Kass  decided we'd all go to Port Dalhouseie for 
a day like we had at Port Dover, but I just didn't feel up to it, and was going to stay home, pack and just soak up the heat by sitting on the deck and reading before returning to Vancouver weather. To enjoy being outside on ground level and not 7 stories up.
I just got settled and read awhile, then got lonely sitting there, by myself, so called Irene and she came over and we sat chatting for a while, and it got so hot, we decided on the spur of the moment to go to a movie and cool down.
We went to see "Inception" and left 20 minutes into the movie. We couldn't understand what the heck was going on!! I noticed a few other people in that movie left also and we all slipped into the next movie who was "Smuck's For Dinner". More geared to our intelligence I suppose. A silly but funny movie.

But it was a fun afternoon and we arrived home to another delicious dinner! Thank you Kass and Roxanne!!

The Last of my Blog of Holidays
Stay tuned...I can't figure out why my last photo's won't load, so I need to read some instructions but too tired now, so more later.

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