Tuesday, August 10, 2010


UP AT 4 am and off to the Toronto Airport with Kass and Roxanne. To both of you...thank you for doing that! It's an ungodly time to get up!!

I couldn't believe the crowds at the airport going through security. Eight long wrap along lines, but it went fairly quickly and I had lots of time. Of course I got frisked by a female security guard. I don't know why this always happens to me when I travel. I seem to always hit it as the random one to get checked, but I don't mind as I'm all for security.

I played on the computer, downloaded pictures, slept a little and took a few pictures from the plane window as we went over the Rockies. It's so beautiful up there and so amazing to gaze down where no man has ever walked.

Beautiful clouds...look at that explosion of cloud burst.

I kept looking for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel on her cloud eating cheese.
Below the clouds and there is Vancouver! Home at last!
The Fraser River and all the log booms. Maybe your next newspaper!
City of Vancouver in the distance.

My stomach had butterflies in it, because I knew my sweetheart was waiting for me, so I was very anxious to get off the plane.

When I saw Tom, there wasn't a smile on his face and my stomach just dropped, wondering what was wrong. Apparently, just that morning, the hernia he had repaired last November,
had somehow returned and the pain had come back again. He was absolutely miserable feeling and so upset over it all.
I was on the phone to the doctor as soon as we arrived home, and off to the doctor in the afternoon, and now waiting for another appointment with the Surgeon in two weeks.
The morning's are the worst for him, in fact sheer agony, but nothing we can do until we see the Surgeon except Tylenol 3's and keep him comfy!

So, back to reality and so many thanks to everyone who made my holiday a wonderful time, and to those I didn't get to see, I'm sorry, but there will be another time.
Ta Ta!

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