Friday, August 6, 2010


We left Clare's with everyone following us back to Lisa's to view her house. Fun driving with the top down but I worried about sun burn on my head!

It was a little warm for a fire, but it was the first time it completely assembled, so we had to try it out for a little while.
Below, the workers are still plugging away at the puzzle of placing those huge stones in place. The guy on the backhoe, was amazing to watch. He even picked a ball up and tossed it to the dog.

In the photo we we're all looking at something, so here is what it was. The stairs to this outdoor room hadn't been built yet, but the dog knew how to climb a ladder, which we thought was pretty smart of him.

After our company left, we went out on the deck off the living room and had a Sangria drink.

We found it just a tad too hot, so moved down to the brook. This is beautiful down here. Stairs are being built down to the babbling brook. It looks brown in the picture, but is really quite clear. I think Lisa said it came from a spring, but it was quite warm. To the right of Trixie, the dog, is a natural drop about 8 ft deep. So they have a no maintenance  pool to cool off.

Stairs down where being done the same day.

Looking back at the house with steps half built. To the right of the screened room is a two car and two story garage. The upstairs will one day be an extra apartment. It's pretty nice up there and what a view from the balcony. 

Pretty comfortable eh?
My trick shot!!

Off in the distance we could hear thunder, but it was still sunny and clear here. Then one heavy drop of rain, then another and we started to make our way back up the hill. By the time we got to the top, it began to pour! And then it turned to HAIL....BIG HAIL!! Have a look at the following pictures.

We had no ice,so I was hoping to capture some for my drink.

Then it cleared right up again, and stayed HOT! Strange weather!

After dinner and we are all tired.

Shelby and Brad toasting their toes.
Mike telling us stories.
I think everyone is ready to turn in on our 2nd day in Belleville.

Mike laughed at my idea of sticking this in his work boot! It looks like they need a rest eh?

The end of day two. Stay tuned for day three!

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