Friday, August 6, 2010


We arrived in Belleville and drove to my daughter Lisa and Mike's new home, still under construction, but very close to being finished. We toured beautiful room after room and we're awed at their decorating touch and how lovely their home is. I'll give you a sneak peek as we go along.
Going left to right is Shelby (Brad's girlfriend), Brad, my grandson, Roxanne, my sister, Mike and then Lisa, our hosts and my daughter, Erica (Matthew's girlfriend) and Matthew, my grandson

Below, is the screened in room we had our dinner in. What a lovely place to hang out, and has the feel of being in a cottage. This I took from outside looking in. We are up in the treetops!
To the left is a huge hot-tub and in the right corner is an indoor firepot that can be moved around. It's a great outdoor/indoor place to be on a very hot day. It's a very calming room and my favourite place to hang out with company or alone with a book. Sitting there, you can also hear the sound of a babbling brook outside.

A great mix of nature with lots of wood and stone Another long deck outside viewing tall trees, and water below...I'll get to that!
I can only imagine the beautiful scenery through that huge window in the Fall when the trees turn to crimson and gold.

Look at the table in both of these pictures. What an idea and how unique is that. Lisa and her father made it and it's quite a showpiece!

Many interesting piece's. Note below, the lamp made out of twigs and the wooden bench crafted from a piece of wood. Lisa would be upset with looking at these if I didn't mention that the fireplace was still under construction.

The dining room 
The kitchen with is full of rich coloured wood. Lisa....sorry I took this with our mess on the island!

This is the back of the kitchen island. An antique piece Lisa found. Looks like a party is going to happen with what's on the counter eh?

The pump on the sink is decorative only. The rolling pins in the wooden bowl...I'm not sure, but I think Mike better be careful!!

The bedroom upstairs. Lisa still had her curtains installed when we where there, but I never got a picture of that. It's a huge bedroom, with bathroom ensuite, and big tv.

Huge bathroom, with big jazzuzi tub, cute sink area and huge shower with jets coming out from top of the head to bottom of your feet. I can't put everything on here or,I'll never get the blog done. But, it's a very impressive home! You will see more as I do future blogs.

Outside the workers are laying down a huge stone walkway.

Time to hit the trails, and an invitation for lunch with two of my dearest and oldest friends, Norma and Clare. Clare put together a wonderful lunch and it was excellent and so good for me to see my chums once again! I worked with Norma for many years and I've known Clare since we lived in Capreol and our children were babies!

My daughter Lisa...isn't she beautiful!!!!
I had to add this one of mom and daughter! 
Below, is Clare's husband Bill. A wonderful man who Clare obviously adores!! Bill took us down to see his Belgium horses after lunch.
But first...we had to wait for Roxanne to finish this delicious drink Clare had made. The whole lunch was fantastic!
Oops...wrong end of the horses, but aren't they big fellows!! Eli.

Some cute barn cats!

Off we head out from Clare and Bill's home in the country, but about 10 minutes from Belleville.
Thank you Clare, Bill and Norma for a wonderful visit and lunch!

More blog later (I took about 700 pictures, so this is going to take awhile as I pick and choose the best pictures)
Stay tuned

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