Saturday, October 2, 2010

Well, Blogger finally corrected itself and now I'm back to blogging again and look at this new feature, where I can add text beside the photo's! Yeahhhhh!!

Now, let's play with this a little and see if I can add another picture here.

Holy Mackeral Batman!!! Terrific!!

Okay, no time to blog right now, but will be back. I got up at 8 am, and it's now 11:30, and I've spent the morning making us coffee and toast, then picked up my camera to fix one setting that was bugging me, and what a time I had...took me until 10:45 am. Then I set down the camera, and picked up the computer and ....well, you know what happened! I'm still sitting here, cold coffee and sore bum!
Time to get up and moving and do something!!
Hi Ho, Hi's off to work I go!

Just previewed this and what a mess!!! Nothing is the way I have it here, so I'm going to post it and see what happens, which is the only way I can tell how it will turn out. Hang in there with me!!

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