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These pictures of the flowers and palms, I took while laying on my chaise lounge around the pool and looking up!

I did start at the beginning of the trip to keep a journal, but, it soon when by the wayside! No time to write, just time to lay soaking up the warmth and beauty of this place!

Lisa and Brad had going whale watching so I was on my own most of the day. I've seen whales many times, so it was crazy for me to pay to see them again, but they really enjoyed their trip which included breakfast and drinks and a nice boat ride and seeing whales!

People are so nice and a wonderful couple Arlene and Don L. from Toronto invited me to join them. Lovely couple and they waited with me until my ride to the airport arrived to see me safely off.

I battled with Ivan the Sunquest representative over my $66.00 taxi bill when I had a voucher for transportation that instead left me stranded at the Cabo airport. Again, I was getting the run around, so in my MOST assertive way, told him I'd give him until Friday to resolve this with nothing but CASH in my palm! He'd try he said!

One of the many cute little birds that fly here and there at great speed while we eat breakfast. They don't bother anyone and are so cute.
The grounds are kept so perfect. Every morning,the workers are up and hard at work. They rake the sand along the walkways into patterns and are lovely to look at , but I can never understand why some people have to walk through the patterns and destroy them! Rotten people!!!

I have a swim in the pool, had a mudslide drink at the swim up bar, and pulled my chaise lounge into some shade.
Lisa and Brad came back and wanted to go look look further along the "Corridor" the main road between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and beyond...but not far beyond as the road becomes very rough and the tourist area runs out.
Lisa was interested in looking at some open houses and some real estate.
We pulled into one gated area and was prepared to look at an open house until we found the house's started at 3 million dollars!!
The Corridor is very fast being being developed and from what we heard and seen, it would be a great time to invest in property or land, however not in the million dollar price range.
Here are a few shots I took from the back seat of the car.

 Many of the area's are quite poor, but thrown in here and there are beautiful gated subdivisions.

 As we reached this point in Puerto Los Cabos, the roads turned into sand roads going every direction and difficult to follow. We kept coming across a truck load of soldiers with guns but they never bothered or stopped us.

 The sunset's where spectacular, but the ones we see here are just as incredible I think! 
See the sand roads? A car did pull up beside us as we searched our map and asked where the heck where we going! He advised us to get off these roads at night because of both deep potholes, safety and animals that lay on the warm road to stay warm. Mexico get's very cool at night. So the back seater, pleaded "let's go back!"

It was Christmas Eve when Mexico celebrates Christmas.
Mmmm, the aroma coming from these turkeys over the BBQ'S
We had a delicious Christmas traditional dinner and I think the marinated turkey and cooked on the barby, was the tenderest turkey I have ever eaten! Delicious!!
Big swords are the spits holding the turkeys.

 Entertainment was almost nil that night, as I think the staff wanted to go home to their families, and could you blame them!!
 On the Friday, I went to see Ivan again, and I really don't think he had done anything at all other then one phone call to his head office, and explained he doubted if he'd be able to give me cash back as he was only a representative of Sunquest. I put up an argument that his job was to assist his companies travellers with their problems and I had a contract with them and they didn't fulfil their bargain and had left a senior woman, standing at a deserted airport, late at night with not being able to speak Spanish and the few scary looking (not safe) taxi drivers waiting for me to choose one of them, and there was no way I was letting this go....as my voice got louder and louder and his face got more red!! There was no way, I was moving from his desk until he made some phone calls. I'd wait!! He made a call and said they where to call back. I'll wait I said! After 5 minutes, I made him call again, and still they where looking into it. Not good enough Ivan, call back now and tell them I want an answer and reimbursement now! I knew it was Christmas Eve and what happens in offices everywhere is put on hold until after the holidays. Phone AGAIN Ivan!!!
This time...success...he got the okay to give me my money in cash and counted out $66.00 in American money into my hand, then promptly tried to sell me an excursion for a sunset cruise!
I felt better to get my money back!

Our Hotel...very nice!

Christmas morning and Fred Flintstone shows up to lead the children to the beach to meet with Santa who had gifts for them.

 Santa arrived on a zip line!

 We set out umbrella up to block the sun for the fair skinned one...me!
 When we got tired of being lazy we had some exercise! Not too much though!!

Brad went home with a nice tan.
 Lisa got a nice burn that went to a tan. She is scuba diving here and loved it! Kept telling me of all the beautiful fish she could see.
 Come on out Mom, she hollers! It's fantastic!
 Mom is sitting by the sea shore in the full sun, so thought I better get myself covered before more of those little nasty skin cancers found me! I did take the sun in little bits and did get some colour and think if I had another week there, I MAY have had something close to a tan!
 Above: Lisa sees the underworld! Below: I never laughed so hard as Lisa tried to help get my face mask adjusted after taking in a mouthful of salt water...boy...terribly salty stuff!  I could hardly stand up as we laughed and giggled.
I'm off, and looking like a whale, but what wonder's are in the sea...schools of fish and colours galore!
 I loved snorkelling and wish I'd stayed and looked some more but I didn't want to suffer with a burn. I should have had a t-shirt on.
 So much to see sitting here. Never a dull moment!
Another view we could see...likely VERY expensive homes!
Evening time and a different restaurant. There was the main buffet, a Japanese Restaurant, and two more higher end restaurants to choose from, plus a pool restaurant with hamburgers, fries and lots more.....remember this is ALL INCLUSIVE!!!!
Three shooters being made for us to start the evening! Taste like gasoline to me and I spit all over my white jacket...a mess!
Our last evening here and what a hoot!
Brad was the star with all the gals and cougars hitting on him.
However Grandma gets the first dance!
Bradley always had a love for dancing since he was small and he sure can dance now!!

This married gal was a little smashed and told Lisa she wanted so bad to take Brad to bed! 
Excuse me!!!!!!!
Her husband who kept coming up and fist bumping me and telling me he was a retired colonal  and would love a MOTHER like me. At least he didn't say GRANDMOTHER! That didn't make me feel good, but he babbled on and on and that is ALL I understood from his conversation all night!! 
A few more girls grabbed him. One was a stripper and her dance was very exotic as she danced alone and once with Brad who just got lost in her movements! Gave us a giggle!
One  lady came over and sat beside Lisa asking if Brad and her we're a couple. She told her, she was Brad's MOTHER and he was 18 years old! She was so embarrassed as she had been trying to flirt with him and get his attention all week! Brad's ego went up 100 points!! Lisa sent her over a drink to ease her embarrassment but the waitress gave it to the wrong gal, and this gal looked over and thought Lisa was gay, which gave us a good laugh, until it was all straightened out.

Below is cute Carla, who is in charge of handing out the towels and also entertainment. Brad was interested in her, but they left early the next morning to catch their flight to Ontario and missed seeing her.
I left at 9:30 that evening, so spent a lonely day by myself, sat by the pool, and on the last day, it got a little cool and a cool wind came up and having now sweater, I nearly froze. Check out was at 1 pm, so I wandered around very lost feeling.
 Carla and the entertainment group doing a dance by the pool early in them morning.
I put my luggage into storage until my transportation time, which I confirmed and then was feeling the beginning of a head cold and lay down here and fell asleep for a few hours until the sun was hiding and I woke freezing.
Went for a couple cups of hot coffee, paid my last tip (tipping is continuous), left all my peso's in the hotel room and waited while I read my book for my ride to the airport.
Veena and Vic came right behind me in the airport line up. The same people I flew with coming out and they had pre-booked seats and had included me in with them, which was so very kind of them.
Our plane was very late taking off because the pilot had no flight plan and the airport was now closed. This is Mexico!! No hurry, no rush, no problem!!
Finally on our way and nearly around 2:30am, I was through customs in and the car with Tom heading home.
Home at Last!
Great to go away, but SO VERY good to come home.
Gracias Mexico! Thank you to Tom for a wonderful Christmas gift!!

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  1. Hi Linda;

    What a fine vacation you had. The way I see it...any time you can return from Mexico alive is reason to relax and celebrate.

    So glad to know you're back! I'll bet it feels good to wake up in your own space.

    Say hi to Tom ...

    Warm hugs, Bruce


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