Friday, June 3, 2011


YUP! Just hanging around like this little bird above!
I've been very lazy lately and haven't been keeping up the blog. Guilty, guilty!!!
I haven't had any different pictures to show you lately along my walks. Just the same swans and ducks mostly.
This little bird was at our feeder hanging outside the window, and I quickly snapped it, and was surprised at how good it came out. We have many hummingbirds around lately too...or we did, until we hung up a hummingbird feeder, but now they  seem to turn up their long beaks in disgust and fly away as fast as those little birds can fly! I don't know why!

I spotted with my little eyes, this eagle almost hidden on a high tree branch, peacefully watching the world go round, but not for long!
 What made me look up at the tree, was the noise the crow's we're making as well as bombarding the eagle.
The eagle took flight and was chased and pecked by the crows.

 Not a very interesting picture, but I liked the old log floating in and it did look better in real time!
 I'm really dragging from the bottom to take some pictures to show you, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I thought this looked pretty!
Back to the duck pond!
 The little babies are growing and exploring with mom. They are SOOO cute!
 Ah ha! I'm the king of the castle!!!

 Another day! Very early in the morning and I took the chance to go in between rainfalls!
 I don't think I ever showed you the other side of Doggie Park and along the Lagoon. It's a golf course!

 The golf course is on the other side of the chain link fence on the left.

 Pretty quiet this time of day, but just when you think you are all alone, someone jogs past at full speed. I'm still in walking speed!

Another day, but heading to Dunderave

Another Day and back at the Duck Pond!!
See the little baby that is darker than the rest. I figure it's the only female, and the rest are males. Why? Because generally in the animal kingdom it's usually the males who are the prettiest! But that little dark one sure does have the brains eh??? Why? It's a female!!!

I'm always amazed at how trustful the parents are and how close they let me come to them. 

I do get carried away taking pictures of the swans, but it they are so neat to see.

Below: Please can I have some more!! ( I take down cracked corn for a treat for them. I'm such a nice lady!)

 Some pictures from the walk around the Lagoon.

 I couldn't resist this! These two young lovers had NO idea, I was even in the area, or taking a picture of zoom either!!!

 Soccer team practicing on my return walk, heading home.

Now, I MUST mention the Hockey fever that has hit Vancouver, and I mean the fever is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
The city is party ready for the big win, and it's difficult not to get caught up in it!
Boston Pizza has crossed out the word Boston and covered it up with Vancouver, instead.
Boston Bar, a place in the interior of BC, has changed it's name to Vancouver Bar...just until the games are over!
Nearly everyone is sporting a Canuck jersey and the city is wondering how in the heck are they going to pay for all this hoopla!!
Go Canucks!!!!!
We sit with baited breath watching every game on TV, and it's quite the that Oprah's gone!!
Booo Hooo!!!

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