Saturday, June 11, 2011


Bless me Father, for I have sinned!
I did NOT go on my walk twice this week!

But, I have excuses!!
Wed: I had to go to the endodontist where they sliced my gum away from my tooth, so they could drill through the bone to find the elusive two root canals that they couldn't get to when going from the top of the tooth!
How's that for a reason for not walking! I wasn't feeling to good! Whoa....wait a minute....I DID go walking that morning, and it just popped into my dulling brain! I was up at 6:30 and on the trail!! I went to the endodontist after!!
So, I take back a few Mea Copa's and let's make that only this morning, I didn't walk!!
My reason was I was just plain tired!! Wild horses couldn't have make me get out of bed, unless they could promise me a loss of 5 pounds for me and my miserable scales that refuse to move, but I knew that wasn't going to happen either, so I snoozed on!

I think the hoopla over this Stanley Cup Play-off has me worn  out with the stress of watching it! What a series!!!
Go Canucks!!

This week our two crows that we've been watching in the tree right off our balcony have encouraged their two babies, to try their wings and fly away and take charge of their own little lives and let mom and dad alone as empty nesters for awhile, but that's another story!

Above is one of the babies and I can see why they've been encouraged to fly away on their own, as that nest is not big enough the way the two children grew so fast and big!
Tom and I enjoyed watching this guy, trying to get the nerve to take off that branch. It would flutter it's wings and lean out, and we'd say "here he goes", but he's stop and you could almost see it's little bird brain thinking "maybe not!"
It made me think of standing on a diving board for the first time and trying to get the nerve to take off into the depths below, and I'd do the "one, two,....and could never get to that number three that would make me jump!
The first baby was much more brave and flew to the balcony beside us first, then back to the tree and then off again. The parents meanwhile having a fit and  sending up a call of distress and 5 or more birds would gather for backup.
While all this was going on, a Community Day parade was taking place and by going out on the balcony, we would be able to see it, but we kept on getting dived bombed by the backup crew every time we stepped out! I could feel their wings brushing my hair along with very threatening caws of warning! I tried to sneak out when the bagpipes went by, but  soon came back in when I felt a big WHOSH!!!

We didn't see this fellow take off on his maiden flight. It happened when we turned our back! 
It must have landed near the front door of the building, because when I came home from my walk the next day, again, I was dive-bombed from above by the parents.
Now, a week later, it's so quiet around here without the cawing and calling of the crows.
Then I looked out one evening and this is what I saw!

Mom and Dad are getting cosy again!! Once the kids are gone, life is good again!

Meanwhile, down at the Lagoon, the Trumpet Swans haven't gotten their lazy selves out of bed, and are still lazing on the shore when I'm on my walk! I heard a sad story the other day, that the baby swans are taken away at 5 weeks old to have their wings clipped.The last time they did that, many of them didn't survive because of predators being able to catch them easily. Also, because the Lagoon is not very large, and the swans very territorial it is better if only the two share the Lagoon and the babies are taken elsewhere.
I was so disappointed to hear this and thinking maybe the mom and dad don't feel like getting up in the morning either, with their babies gone!
I also heard that these parents have quite a libido, and make use of it a few times a day, so we likely won't have to wait long for a new hatching of swans!

So, back to my walk to Dundarave!

Hey Ducks...the water's the other way!!

Gertrude and Heathcliff

Tell me Gertie, What's a polygon? Gertrude: A polygon is a dead parrot.
 Heathcliff: I heard Peter Rabbit went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled, and they wouldn't give him any Novocain. Gertrude: Because Peter Rabbit is an Ether bunny!

For those of you who remember The Red Skelton Show and his two seagulls Gertrude and Heathcliff!
Best show on TV ever!!!

There goes another flock!

This was in Dundarave. Very pretty vines and tree.

Now, I want to tell you of a fantastic book I couldn't put down, it was such a fantastic page turner!
Not often you come across a real novel, but I give this one two thumbs up!!! A 10 out of 10!!
It's called UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand
If you are looking for a great father's day gift of just to enjoy yourself, then he, or you won't be disappointed.
Look it up on the net and read all about it!

Unbroken: A World War II Story Of Survival, Resilience, And Redemption


No, I don't get any kickbacks, I just want to share a good read with you! Let me know how you liked it when finished!

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