Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amherst Island 2nd day

Day Two On Amherst Island 

Today, my brother Mike and his wife Wanda and their son Mike Jr. are to arrive, and later in the day, my daughter Lisa and grandson Brad. They will be driving from St. Catharines, so no, that is not them arriving on the beautiful ship below!

Enjoying a chat under the gazebo.
Kass, Mike Jr. Mike Sr. and Wanda

 My older brother Mike. 
 Everyone enjoying being by the water and all so relaxed!
 My sister Roxanne or "Sam" for short.
 TJ peeking out from behind a table.
 Mike Jr. checking out the dock.
 What a great guy this is! Had us roaring with laughter with stories.
 It's nice and cool down here!
 Here come's refreshments!
 Just a great spot to live!

 My daughter Lisa and Grandson have arrived for the evening and we are all full from a delicious dinner!

The vampire bugs have arrived, so we all moved inside the netting.
 The vampire bugs have arrived, so we all moved inside the netting. Above: Mike Jr. and Lisa. Below, Wanda,Mike Jr. and LIsa.

It becomes and early night, so we all tuck very tired!

Roxanne's little corner shelf of Ireland! Cute eh!

Looks like it was a rough night! Comfortable accommodations, but so difficult sleeping the first night in a different place.

We plan on exploring the Island today, so tomorrow, I'll show you this delightful, serene Island.

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