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It's been quite awhile since my last posting and other then enjoying the summer and the terrific weather that I brought home with me from my trip from Ontario, we've been busy doing this and that....which I'll tell you about and show you many pictures. This could be a long post, so grab a coffee and something to munch on and let's just enjoy a good old chaw of conversation!
Now...where do I start?? I have to flip back and forth from my photo's to remember it all as well!

The last thing I told you about was the friend I had made on the beach. Well, she got kicked off the beach!! She was on a spiritual pilgrimage and hoped to enjoy nature and the ocean for 60 days, by camping on the beach. She was wonderful to talk to and I enjoyed her company, but she was asked to move on. Ambleside just would not allow their beach to be slept on for that length of time. But, it was for the best, as she ended up with so many friends coming down to chat with her, and one gal, just would not leave her alone, and even stayed the whole night on the beach with Yvonne. Yvonne had asked to please leave, as he had much of her studying she wished to accomplish, and couldn't do it with her there. But, it never sunk in with this gal and when Yvonne asked her to leave, this gal got very hostile toward Yvonne. This continued on, with her continuing to always show up and staying all day, and again Yvonne asked her to leave, and go somewhere else on the beach, but the hostility became so much, that this gal went to the police and put in a complaint that Yvonne was homeless and living on the beach. There is so much more to this story that is too long to tell you about, but the long and the short of it is, that Yvonne had to pack up her ton on books, and leave. I gave her my suitcase on wheels to help her out so she didn't break her back carrying all this stuff.
The bothersome gal, I found out later, isn't the person she said she was and apparently the police had been looking for her since last April as a missing person and she suffers from early senility. She's one wacko job as well!!
So Yvonne moved on to parts unknown, but said she'd keep in touch, but so far, I have no idea where she has gone and I keep checking for that promised email.

They say, people come into your life for a reason. I wonder what this reason was, but I do hope it was for me to show her kindness and help her out and that it did do just that.
I remember hearing this little saying when I was a very young girl, that has stuck with me all these years, and has become a sort of motto for me. (Don't laugh!!)
"If I can help just one little bird back into it's nest, then my life has not been in vain!"
Tom said, I sure take on BIG birds!!!

This was her home on the beach, tucked into an out of the way place, bothering no one.

So, that was fun and interesting this summer!

I spent the most time on the beach this summer, than I have the whole time I lived here! I very much enjoyed it!!

 The beach was crowded ALL summer long and the nicest thing is, it's just a block away! All those logs are part of the beach...living on the ocean, they roll in all the time!

Ambleside seemed to be hopping with events all summer long. The Summer Harmony Arts Festival was on, music was playing everywhere and it was great fun.

We joined some good friends for a picnic in the park one afternoon and had a great pot luck dinner.
 These names may seem foreign to you, but some of these friends are from Budapest and just gems!!
That's Lubo with is back to the picture, and Dianne talking to Blajka.

  1. Meanwhile the cruise ships sail past on their way to Alaska! Bon Voyage!!!

 Left to Right: Dianne, Blajka, Lubo, Bill, Tom
 Blajka, Dianne, and Lubo
L-R Lubo, Bill, Tom, ? Debbie, Dave, and giving them a talk is Dianne!
Beautiful and a wonderful person, Blajka
Myself and Lubo

Another ship leaving and Ycela, Blajka and  Ycela's mother
Chow Time!!! What great eats!
What a contented bunch with all this food!!
Lovely Dianne!
Of all the entertainment they had for two two weeks, and different groups, many times in a day, we ended up with a no name group that couldn't play SWAT!!! What a horrible group! But, we had a fantastic, fun time anyway!

Well, this brings us up to some of the summer. This is very time consuming, and Tom is wondering where supper is, so I'll leave off now, and later show you some of the picture's I've taken on my walks. I'm walking 5 miles a day, every single day, getting up at 6am and out the door by 6:30. Lot's of pretty pictures to come.
Stay tuned!!

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  1. Here you are again ! Great ! Nice photos and funny comments... I missed your words ! Happy to see you back here. Love from France. Fabrice


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