Friday, September 16, 2011


 Back on the Seawall heading to Dundarave again. I'm all over the place, sometimes, changing my route, but always seeing beautiful things.
Some creative person!
 Heading the other way on the Seaway and very early in the morning and I'm not sure if these people are finding clams or what. I see them different mornings, when the tide is out.

 All this down here on both sides of the river leading from the streams on the mountains to the ocean, belongs to the Native Indian.
They can catch salmon a little different than we can and here they have built a runway for the salmon to travel back to the spawning grounds, through and in between the rocks to trap them in a catch. At the bottom, some people are waiting to catch a few.
I keep walking and eventually end the Seawall, and into the forest. The water you see in the above picture becomes rapids, and it's just so beautiful to sit there and be alone with nature. (At least I hope I'm alone....probably many little creature eye's watching me!)

 All along the way are benches to sit and ponder life!
It's really a well traveled stretch of woodland by walkers, bikers, runner's and those who love to escape the skyscrapers!

Different day...and skyscrapers!
 Another day again, and VERY early in the A.M. and right after the holiday weekend,  by the park where all the picnic's have taken place. The park cleaner's has not arrived yet, but these guys have. I was about 4 feet from them, and quickly backed off. They we're intent on digging in the garbage and didn't notice me.
I think it's the only thing I fear on my walks when I get up early, and as it get's darker in the morning, the wildlife haven't returned to their little hideaways yet. They soon scatter as the joggers and people out for early morning walks arrive.
Sometimes, you can't smell them and there they are!! It sure make's one come to an abrupt halt!!
I turned and took a different route this morning!

Different day fact last weekend when Ambleside put on a Coho Salmon Festival, with a BBQ and fun events, and many tents with information and demonstrations of the salmon and the ever constant problem of the the Upper Levels..not down here!
 Again, I'm up and away early and things are just getting set up for the festival.

 The tents are set up near the Lagoon where the swans are, so they were up and about early this morning too, wondering what all the commotion was about.

 The Indian natives are smoking fish on the far shore.

That ends today's blog. Next blog, I'll tell you all about our renovation!
I'm off now to get a perm...and boy do I need it. 
Walked in the rain this morning, and it's noticeably  cooler out, but doesn't take long for me to get heated up and I ended up with my jacket tied to my waist.
Now the sun is shining and I have to run!!!!

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  1. Hi Linda, I enjoyed the virtual walk with you on your walk this morning. When I saw the skunks I wanted to back away also. Ha! I enjoyed your photos, and your commentary.
    You have a great blog here.
    Have a wonderful weekend Linda.
    Dianne :)


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