Thursday, September 15, 2011


 I  am still getting up at 6am every single morning, and going for a 5 mile and a wee bit plus walk. I've been doing it faithfully since March,, and I can't believe, I am sticking to this commitment I made. I never stick to anything! You would think I've lost scads of weight, but I haven't and I get so frustrated when I step on the scales. However, my rear end getting smaller and thats enough of  payback for all this pain I go through and sleep lost.
I actually enjoy getting up early and when I start out, I have the world to myself...for about 15 minutes at least Bit by bit and very quickly I'm joined on the seawall, or on my bush path which I don't go on until there are many more people around and about, but I have walked this pathway, feeling very safe. I take everyone at their for word that bears don't come down this far, but I did scare a coyote out  of the bush one morning.
But, isn't it a beautiful walk!! Come along with me!

 Tom joins me at times.
 This woodpecker is one of many that came to take up residence in the tree beside us. The crows come and go, but we've stopped feeding them. They make such a mess and much to clean up and scrub everyday, so they've been banished from our railing deck!

It's Fishing time for Salmon again (we had it for dinner tonight)

The Swans are still healthy and well and don't seem to be looking for their babies anymore, but likely busy making more when we aren't looking!
I love trees, and the bottom of these caught my eye! So much beauty in so many things along my walks!

Interesting eh?

Back to the beach again....this blog is all over the place!!
It's coming to the end of the day and the sun is beginning to go down.

 Look at that incredible sky, that just continues to look more magnificent with each passing moment!

 One evening the sky too our breath away with it's beauty!!

 All eyes on the sky!


This is where I leave you for tonight, but more picture's I hope you will enjoy tomorrow when I try again to do a blog. Sometimes, it works well, and other times, I could scream!!

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