Saturday, September 17, 2011


I see many herons along the Sea Wall on my walks and also in the Lagoon. This one below was taken with my camera phone and it doesn't do as good a job as my camera.
These aren't very big waves today, but I do love to turn off my iTunes and listen as the waves come crashing in. Some day's it just nice to sit in the sunshine on a log with the waves rolling in and just contemplate life.
Then, when I stand up, every darn muscle in me hurts!! Aging is not fun!

That's Lighthouse Park off in the distance and a ship moored to the right of it. It's a lovely park but you have to walk down a very steep hill, and the climb back up is a killer!

This very pretty little church is...or was kitty-corner from us. When I first came here many people would be there on Sundays, but attendance has dwindled so much, that they are taking down the church and building 5 or 6 floor condo's.
In the spring time, when the flowers come out around the church, it was such a pretty place. I looked for a picture in my files of it, but it's taking me too long to find it. I will miss this cute place, but I suppose money in condo's is more important that attending church these days! Sad!!
GONE! In just a few hours!
This summer was the year we renovated and updated our kitchen! Below is the old kitchen with the old cupboards.
We had gone through the planning in June, before I went home to Ontario. They were supposed to be coming for the tear-out as soon as I returned on July 17th. Tom had gone 
ahead and emptied all the cupboards, and what a job it was for him. The living room, deck, and bedroom, was full of boxes of what was in the cupboards. We threw out so much we never used and made many trips to the Salvation Army.
Then the project got delayed until August, because of it being holiday time, so we just lived in a mess for awhile! 

Finally the work began, and EVERYTHING was a horrible mess, with sawdust everywhere!!

Every room was a complete mess!
It was getting to me a bit and I broke out in shingles on my back and stomach. They still aren't all gone yet, and it sure was not a pleasant time.
How, will I ever get all this cleaned up and things put away again?

Things are beginning to take shape! Nice white, new cupboards and a few more of them, and a few little fun features. No countertop yet, and that took another two weeks until that arrived. No sink or water in the kitchen, so we did dishes in the bathroom. We had the dining room set up with a patio table in there and our toaster and kettle and coffee maker in there. We were going to survive this!!!!

Counter top is on,black with white specks in it.Sink installed and mostly the kitchen is finished except for the painting. We can't decide what colour to paint it. Any suggestions???

So summer rolled on and we had a beautiful August, but less to be desired spring. Hopefully autumn will bring much sunshine and some nice picture's to take.
The days turned cooler just this past week, when after much time when by, we finally had some rain, which is unusual not to have rain in West Vancouver!

Below..Tom took me on a mystery trip to a BRAND NEW huge Library in Surrey, that had opened only hours before! I was so excited to see and get all the newest books, but the Library was not fully stocked yet and I discovered I had read all the newest books they had.
I think Tom and I have memberships to every Library in Vancouver area!

A very modern looking place!!

Well, that pretty well brought the past few months up to date. I may have forgotten a few things here and there, like the big coyote I flushed out of the bush while walking the trail. I've met a few of the regulars on the early morning walk and have come on first name terms with a few, and it's nice greeting friendly people along the way. Now and then, I'll stop for a coffee with Karen, another early morning walker.
Another fellow, I meet or pass, we give a high five to each other every morning...why I don't know, we never speak except say "Good Morning" but it's fun and he's my eye candy for the day. (We all need a little thrill now and the eh?)  My time may change from 6 am to 7am, as it is getting darker in the mornings and my light clothing changes to warmer jackets and even a hat and gloves, but I'm going to keep it up. Even in the rain, I'll carry an umbrella and hit the trail!!
I can NOT believe, I'm doing this!!! This is NOT me to be so committed for the very first time to stick with something so long...especially when it means climbing out of a warm bed to do EXERCISE!!! YUK!!   So, say a little prayer I can keep this up. I need all the help and encouragement I can get!!!

See you again soon!

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