Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Walking along my way one day, I came across this guy with a whole load of salmon he had "corralled between the rocks. Only the Native Indians can do this, all others, use fishing rod!
 $10.00 bought me a huge salmon, all filleted and ready for the freezer. He handed it to me in a grimy, wet, smelling of fish, plastic bag, and I was still a long way from home. I had to walk through Doggie Park and had a few dogs sniffing at my "catch". Seagull's where eyeing me suspiciously also! But, it's in the freezer for a few delicious fish dinners.

 Bloody awful job eh?
 These two pictures show how he lead the fish into his trap. Doesn't seem fair does it?
 I'm now at that bridge you see in the above picture, toting my fish, and he is right under and to the left of that bridge in the now distance.
Such a beautiful day and I sure am going to miss these warm, sunny day.
 Look at all these fishing boats out for those elusive salmon....well....elusive for some people!
 Boats and more boats!

 Some pretty flowers on their last burst of colour!
Now for our group lunch, this time in Ft. Langley, which reminds me of Niagara on the Lake with little craft shops everywhere and the neatest  and interesting places.
Above the Langley River. It's on this river, just a little distance away, we are going to win the 'LOTTO HOUSE" on October 31, when our ticket is drawn. We went for a tour of it, but I forgot my camera! I think we'd take the prize money of two million!
 Below: I guess this is the Fort??? I don't know the history of Ft. Langley. Hmmm, something for me to Google!
 Some wonderful very old picture's inside the restaurant.

 Such a different life today!!
 The gang has arrived!! Joining us is Dave and Debbie. Debbie is Dianne's sister! Imagine "TWO" of them!!!
Doug, Bill, Tom and Dave (we give the guys their own table!)

Dianne, Linda and Debbie before dinner and the B52's
After dinner and happy hour!
But, as I walked along the sea wall, I turned around and looked back at Vancouver and was a glorious site. The sun was slowly waking up the day, and the sky was beautiful, and very plain in the distance you could see Mount Baker in Washington.
No picture you ask??? Because my darn camera ran out of battery right at that very minute!!!!! SCREAM!!!! What a beauty shot it would have been.
I won't have that luck or even a walk tomorrow as the forecast is for heavy rain and winds 60-90 km's per hour.

Blogger is acting up again.

See you later!!

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