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Everyone know's that it is autumn, but does ANYONE know where summer went?
Another big question that hit me today was when I was asked my age on a form, in order to get a flu shot. I wrote the numbers 67, and then had to stop and think...can that be right? My mind is going slowly wonky, but I wanted to write 48 and that seemed to be the proper age..not 67! A quick calculation from 2011 from 1944, and it came out 67! 
But, my math has always been a terribly hard challenge for me, so I did the calculations with a pencil and darned if it didn't come out 67 AGAIN!!
It just seems like yesterday, friends would say "Lordy Lordy, Linda's FORTY!"
Damn...there isn't anything that even rhymes with 67!

So, looking on the bright side...I got a FREE flu shot for winning the prize of being over 65.
I suddenly felt very, very, very OLD! The sad part is that it will get worse, the good part is that I can still keep counting!

It's been so long since I last blogged and I apologize for my lack of interest that has come over me with computers. I think all this new technology and changes that  has me befuddled, and not caring to learn anymore. 
Yup...getting older eh!

Well, let me see if I can bring you up to date on at least a few things in the extremely boring life of Linda!
I'll understand if you click off now!

 The most amazing thing in my life is my committment to walking and losing weight that has continued with me since last March. I get up every morning at 6 am, out the door by 6:15, into the darkness, with my iPhone blasting out fast tunes into my ear to help me walk faster. I walk 5 MILES, somedays just a little more, but I'm keeping it up which amazes myself. My weight is down about 40 pounds however doesn't seem to want to move further. All the good people out there, encourage me, by telling me muscle weighs more than fat, so not to worry! All my BIG clothes are stored away, just in case this is another passing fancy! I shouldn't even be telling anyone this, because there are days when I want to eat everything in sight..and I do! I hate to write this then fail!

I've bought some new stuff, but not much, as some things still fit. I've lost my love of shopping however, because as the determination stays with me to go all the way with dropping pounds, I hate to spend money on something I can only wear for a short time.
I walk rain or shine, unless it's pelting down rain, and I've done that also, only to return with wet feet that slop with  every step, and soaked to the skin, but feeling triumphant! ( I will walk if it's raining lightly.
I love walking in the morning, I love watching the sun come up and a new day beginning. I'm not alone out there either! This is one healthy area and many people are out jogging and walking in the dark. I do keep my eyes sharp but not only for who is coming up behind me, but the darn skunks! Now, I hear the bears are coming further down from the hills, but I doubt very much I'll see one of those.
I do stop at the halfway mark, a coffee shop and the thought of that coffee is like a carrot hanging in front of a horse that keeps me trudging on for that first wonderful first sip!
I call my family and friends in Ontario and keep up to date with them, and I really enjoy that time.
Then the last leg and last 2 miles, and by now the traffic is   very busy, and the world had come fully alive! I come home a different way, and close to the highway, but still a lovely walk...and then there is a hill to climb. Funny, how that hill was a mountain at the beginning and now I hardly think of it.
I'm home and Tom has breakfast waiting for me, and I must say, he makes the perfect boiled egg!
Here's a few pictures of my walk, which you've seen before, but still different depending on the time of day.

How can I not love walking and seeing this!!
Below: Crime in Progress!!
This fellow I caught going into the community gardens at first light, and going from vegetable plant here and there and taking the tomato's and whatever was there to steal.
I didn't want him to see me taking his picture...I may have had to outrun him!!

The swans and ducks are all well! 
This seagull was carting around a huge stick! Of course he dropped it as soon as I had him in focus!
Lovely colour!

It does look dark doesn't it!
We went off to watch Martin play hockey one day. He's the one decked out as goalie. He kept this one out of his net!
 Getting ready...the puck is on it's way to his end!
Father's never stop being proud of their son's playing hockey, no matter how old the child is!
Must note..when I wasn't taking pictures and watching the game, I had discovered this super FANTASTIC vibrating chair behind us!!
I spent all my Toonies and Loonies and had a smile on my face doing it!

Christy (more than a friend and almost a step daughter) (another life) got married! She's one beautiful girl and Christy,   
I'm so proud of you and I know someone "up there" is also!

We have a new addition to our family. This is Benji, our budgie.

He bite's too!

Stork?? Someone got a new baby??
One weekend recently, we babysat at Meredith and Dave's house, to babysit their cat's and Micky the Super Dog.
It was such a very hard job!
We napped and read and napped some more!

Cloe likes to get right up close and have a starring contest! I lost! What green eyes eh!
Mickey The Super Dog! He just finished eating all that was in his bowl!
Meredith and Dave's beautiful back yard and Tom enjoying sitting outside and his book.
A very cute little church stood here but got uprooted for I suppose, lack of parishioners  and is now being prepared for town houses. These where taken from our 7th floor balcony.
All was going well, until this huge part of a mountain of a  rock appeared! Then the noise began and I can tell you all the people around here suffered from "over the top" level of noise! For the past two weeks, we have been on edge enduring the noise. It's been extremely hard on the nerves.
I felt so sorry for these fellow's. It's been awfully hard work trying to demolish by drilling piece by piece away. They look so tired here!
It seems to grow overnight!
Finally! We thought it was over! But the next day they began drilling rods all around the property and that noise was comparable to destroying the rock!  Ohhhh, nerves are tense around here!

Ahhhh! The monster is conquered and the rest has been buried!
The following picture's where take at Park and Tilford Garden. However, we arrived too late to see the last of the summer flowers. The garden was being prepared for next spring. This is a very pretty place during the summer.

The smaller Tim Horton's I've ever seen!!

Well, that's the finish of my blog for now.
We've been spending our least some of them, watching the Michael Jackson/Dr. Murray trail and although it's very technical at times, it's extremely interesting.

Nothing exciting is on the horizon. We are just rolling along day by day, and I apologize for not answering e-mails and keeping in touch with everyone. Thanks to all of you who wrote with concern and to Lynn who even called Lisa, wondering if I was sick or something.

I'm fine, just a case of blues, that sometimes happens with seasonal change.
See ya!

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