Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'd love to say that the bird flew over to investigate what I was doing and just being the friendly, playful bird I hoped we had adopted. But, I suppose he's still mad at us for clipping his wings and taking him from his other bird chums in the pet store.
I'd say he's come around about 1% out of 100! 
His cage door is open for his freedom and he can fly, but not up and away that we can't get to him, he can fly about our shoulder level. We take him from the cage in within seconds he's retreated to his cage again, sitting on his perch,to just sit and stare at us and blink the odd time. He won't play with his toys, just eats and poops! I keep telling him we are trading him in for a cat! Or if he doesn't soon lose his unfriendly attitude, we'll get a cat as well as him! That should put some expression in him!!

We took the bus downtown to see the Art Gallery site, with has been taken over by Vancouver's Tent City, which is supposed to be part of the worldwide retaliation over Government spending or whatever the cause is supposed to be, which to me and other's has become one big pain in the ass for Vancouver and the beauty of this downtown city!
Have a look!

There has been two deaths within tent city so far, with drug overdoses. It's a mess, an embarrassment and the city is doing what it can to get rid of them without another riot like we had with the hockey game fiasco! They certainly have made a mockery of what this was originally was planned to be!

The pictures below was on my morning walk as the sun was rising. I think this first picture with this sky looks like something that would hang in an art gallery.
"Morning has broken." (That was also on my iTunes at the same time I took this picture with was ironic!) I thought so anyway!

It was still quite dark as I walked this trail earlier than usual on this morning. At one point, I could hardly find where I was walking. Very foolish of me, and I won't be doing that again. I'm glad the time changed and its lighter in the morning. 

Tom and I went for a morning drive through Stanley Park and stopped at Prospect Point for some pictures. I think we missed the full splendour of the leaves changing colour by about a week.
Hope you like these.
Looking towards where we live in West Vancouver.
Lion's Gate Bridge below. 

So darn pretty! I love Autumn...and Spring and Summer! Winter...ehhhhh! 

Looking over at part of my daily walk.
 The houses built on the mountain side are million dollar homes. Called British Properties.
See the far left by the water? That's the dock, just up from where we poor people live!

A closer up view where the poor people like us live...and how I love it!

So many beautiful roads and trails to explore in Stanley Park.

The Hollow Tree
I've written about the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park before. Since I wrote about it before, the tree was ready to fall over when we had the huge wind storm a few years ago. Restoration of the famous landsite began and here is the results. (The tree is in the middle in picture below)

I don't know what it cost to restore this old dead tree, and I don't know why, but it meant a lot of some people with a huge passion to keep it in a standing position.
It's reinforced with bands and rods of steel. 
It's charred from fires that people in the past, had build fires inside to stay warm and escape the elements. 
Many, many initials are also carved inside. 

Onward Ho around the Park and pictures, pictures, pictures!! 
 We are now on the Seaway on the Vancouver side. I look way over here in the morning.
They have lovely sand over here, darn it! We have rocks!! (But, very nice rocks!)
That pink building is an apartment building that is called "The Pink Palace". Nice place too! I walk past it everyday!

Below; That's Tom sitting in the car while I click on this and that! 

I get in the car and we continue on.

I thought I'd help the Parks Board out and get some exercise, so raked up all these leaves for them!
Do you believe me? 
 This tree is my very favourite tree in the Park! It's beautiful in ALL seasons!!


Sorry for posting so many pictures, instead of telling you what's up around here. Next blog, I'll tell you. It's not great news! Tooth problems again!!!!!!

First snow on the mountains! The ski hill across from us is now open!! No snow down here, in fact, I walk in a short sleeve t-shirt and a fleeze zip up!
Our monthly lunch at a very nice East Indian restaurant. Delicious!
Dianne, Bill, Dave who is our new member of this little event, and Tom. 
Doug thought he'd miss our lunch and go on a vacation to Turkey instead! Imagine that!!! We missed him though, as well as Debbie who had a prior engagement!

The food was YUMMY! Great choice Bill and Dianne! (We take turns choosing a place to dine. December is Doug's turn, and the heat is on him!)

Bad, bad perm there Linda! 
The next 3 pictures make our men so endearing to our hearts....picking up the bill!! 

Thanks guys!! We love all of you!
Whew! Long blog full of pictures. It's been a couch potato afternoon, doing nothing but this and drinking coffee, and the odd cookie, made and brought to me by my loving husband!

I'll try to blog more often, so the picture's aren't so darn long!! I just can't seem to leave any of them out!!!!
Bye for now!

  DIED IN 1991.

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