Monday, November 21, 2011


I took a little walk on the wild side the other day and what fun I had!!
A beautiful storm was blowing but the air was warm enough to enjoy the high winds, however the Seawall has bends and curves in it and what could be just windy in one spot, the next little bend would have me nearly bent over as I fought against the wind pushing me one step forward and two steps back.
But it was the waves that made it so much fun! Plus the tide was IN!
I came around the first corner of the Seawall and then the fun began!

Nice here, but windy

Zowie,  look at those waves!!!
The waves haven't reached the Seawall here.

Lots of logs floating in also.

Feet a bit wet here.
The fun begins!

Here, you have to keep your eye's on the huge rollers's coming in, so it's a quick step to avoid them when the crash on shore.

This lady, walking along,  just missed the biggest wave that I got hit with. She walked by unaware to the comedy behind her!  I saw this massive wave rolling towards me  and jumped into this little alcove with three benches, set far back from the water. But I ended up jumping up on the bench, and going as far up as sitting on the top of the bench and my feet on the seat. My both feet and half way to my knees got caught in the cold water. People walking near me,  also jumped into the alcove, but I was taking up the whole bench furthest in, so they where crawling in behind me, all yiking and yahooing and laughing, as we tried to get out of the way.
I took the picture seconds later of the lady who missed the whole thing.  Look at that wave breaking at the next curve...I hope she gets one like we got!

This fellow is just watching it all from a safe shelter.

It was a fun walk with the storm, and I took MANY pictures! 
   The next day, it was calm waters again, and not nearly as exciting a walk!

But it was a surprise!!
I'm almost in Dundarave before 7am and I saw this lady taking off her clothes and about to go into the water. I was at a part of the Seawall where I couldn't get a good picture and I wasn't sure if maybe she was in trouble in her mind, so I RAN as fast as I could, but when I got to where she was, she had already gone in the water and was back out and was drying herself off.
I knew she was alright, so before I approached her, I snuck a few pictures...trusty camera, always at the ready! Then I went over to talk to her. She apparently does this quite often, all winter long, with quick dips in the ocean. This lady is 79 years old, white long hair, a face and body that is flawless! I don't know if she went in with a bathing suit or not, but she was naked when I was there! She's done this all her life!
If only I'd known I may have started that practice when I was young, if I knew I'd look like she does at 79 years old!

These fellow's aren't unusual to see. Many are along the walk.

The dogs are always enjoying the water, no matter how cold it is! 

They have so much fun and freedom here! 
I often stop and take this scene, it's the same, yet always different! 
 The last stretch before reaching Park Royal and coffee!!!! I love going through this stretch of woods. Yesterday, I went though and they had vacuumed up all the leaves! Not quite as nice without the carpet of golden leaves.

Snow on the mountain in November! The ski hills are happily rubbing their hands together, that the skiing has already begun for an early season. 

A few people have asked me what kind of camera  I use. Finally, I have remembered to answer this question while I'm doing this blog.

Lumix by Panasonic DMC-TZ5

I bought it approx. 4-5 years ago and paid somewhere just above the $300.00 mark.
I love this camera. It has a very large viewing screen, simple to use, with Intelligence Automatic, which is what I use most of the time, unless I can keep MYSELF focused enough when I see a great shot to make the proper settings, which is easy to do once you get use to it.
I carry my camera in my purse without a case and unfortunately  I banged it against something and the viewing area has a black line across the screen now, but it doesn't affect the picture at all. But, love the size for this reason..fits in my purse or pocket!
I've taken thousands of pictures on the one battery, but lately, the camera is acting up somewhat, and won't open up for me. I think the battery finally needs to be replaced, which I THINK is about $50.00 for the battery, but not sure, as I haven't really inquired too far about it. But, again...thousands of pictures have come out of this one battery.
Another good thing, it takes less then an hour for a charge, and it will last a very long time, unless taking movies, which I don't bother with.

They have newer versions of this camera now, so if you are interested in this little gem, just type Panasonic Lumix in your computer and all the newer versions will come up. 

I'd love a camera with all the bells and whistles, and more zoom (this one will go up to 16 zoom). 
I have an old SLR Canon with all bells and whistles and huge telescope zoom, but not digital!  Not fun to carry around, it's an extra carry on when travelling too, so this little fellow is the answer for me.

Another blog coming today sometime.
 Is anyone having problems loading my site with maybe the too many pictures I put on it?
Please let me know!

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