Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

I heard a huge big sigh of relief from around the world this morning that Christmas was finally over. Doesn't it feel great? All that hustle and bustle and money flying from the purse and bank accounts, especially if people took in the Boxing Day sales!

With Tom's colon cancer prognosis, our time was consumed with lab tests, and more lab tests, of every kind imaginable.  Christmas was just put on the back burner and more important priorities took its place.
The fear of the outcome consumed our minds and stress and worry filled every space in our thoughts.

If you have been reading the updates below, you know what took place, and that so far all is well.
We still have the pathology reports to come back with the "all clear"  but we are, with a prayer, following the Doctor's lead, in being optimistic that all is well and we will be finished with this whole horrible procedure.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I was on the bus heading to the hospital to spend  Christmas morning with Tom, when my cell phone rang and he told me to get off the bus at the next stop and head back home for the car. He was able to come home for a few hours! Good news, especially for Christmas Day, but not good for me with the bus schedule having changed for that day and less buses running.
I stood in the pelting down rain for 30 minutes in an unsheltered bus stop and no umbrella and too far to walk!
Finally, I was able to make a connection on a different bus, that took me part way back and then had to  catch another to our corner.
Anyway, Tom was like a kid at Christmas with a great gift given to him....   to come home until 7p.m.
We opened some lovely gifts from my family and what I was able to  pick up for him in between bus trips to the hospital. So, it was wonderful!
Christmas dinner was a bowl of soup, as I had no idea he'd be home and had nothing prepared, but that was all he felt like eating, so it was okay.

Today...Tom called about 10 a.m. and he got the OK from the Doctor, to go home for good!
Still a few minor things to deal with, but he's resting and comfortable and in a warm room instead of that freezing room he was in. Also, of course he's now being treated like a king! At least until the end of the week eh? I figure that is long enough to milk the situation!
It is soup again tonight..sadly no turkey leftovers which to me is what Boxing Day is all about!
Those lovely turkey sandwiches!
But soon as his majesty is feeling better, we'll have some. Maybe for New Years Day!
Hope everyone is enjoying your own leftover's tonight, and not eating too many chocolates.

I mentioned to the nurse how quiet it was in the hospital on the 25th, and she said that normally,it will get really busy tomorrow! I asked why, and she said, that many people just eat and drink too much at Christmas and end up with some kind of attack on the system. As we where leaving the hospital today, it came over the intercom the message about a hospital overload! I wondered it Christmas eating was the reason.

Enjoy and don't eat too much!
(I gained 7 walking, stuffing whatever in my mouth while alone at night, and I'll chalk it all up to stress, and not gluttony....thank you very much!
However, some of that is included too!

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