Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Year Over, Another Just Begun

Where did the last year go? Time seems to move so much faster now, but when I stop and really think about all that took place this year, I suppose we did fill up the days with this and that, but I think it's my memory that is getting shorter to remember all that took place, but I do know for the most part, it's been a fairly good year.

When I was much younger, and at the eve of a New Year, it was excitement, parties, celebraton and an eager feeling to be looking forward to whatever a brand new year would bring. Now, as I grow older and perhaps a tiny bit wiser, I face New Year's Eve with a bit of trepidation as to what may happen to upset our lives. I've begun to live in fear I suppose, and that's not a good thing! It's another sign of aging! But, it comes with living with a new's hound who enjoy's watching the same news report on the "Early News" the "5:30 News Report", plus "CNN". Thank goodness, we can't stay up long enough anymore for the 11 o'clock news, but we'll hear it for the next round of news in the morning to be sure!
 We all hear of terrible events happening around the world and see the live pictures coming to us, of death and destruction, the weather devastation creating havoc that just churns my stomach, yet I can't turn away my eyes or plug my ears or pretend it's not happening.
We live in a world of fear!
So what to do? I hope! I pray! 
I pray that all goes well in each and everyone's life this year, that joy and happiness abounds, and we make it through to 2013 healthy, happy and with no major disruptions to cause one tear to fall.

To change this downer topic, I can tell you our good news that  Tom's pathology report came back that he is clear of cancer now. It's been a little tough on him this past week, recovering. I've learned that recuperation affects both physically and emotionally not only on the patient but the patients wife! But, it's all good and getting better, but a hard week just the same. We've been pretty well housebound, but today, we got out for a walk and already, I see a difference in our moods.

Any New Year's resolutions out there? Mine is to keep at the walking but to not come home and eat cookies! 
I've eaten and put in the garbage, two empty boxes of chocolates before Tom remember's he's even seen them! Thank goodness for his foggy mind and sleeping so much that I could get rid of the evidence before he discovered it.Unless he's noticed my bulging thighs and tummy, just a bit bigger than last week! He sure will know it when he reads this blog now, but I've confessed and that hopefully will make me do better, because I'll be watched more closely now eh? Of course it could go the other way and I may kill him if he say's one word or gives me one look to stir up my conscience. That's what happens with us sweet addicts!
Anyone out there agree?

As I write this, there is NO news on, Tom is reading a book, and we have the fire on and crackling with a beautiful blaze. I think we've really gone round the bend, sitting here with a fire on our TV screen!
No fear though, only if a spark  jumps onto our carpet, or if the hand reaching in to put on another log get's burned!
Okay, okay...I've gone round the bend for sure.
Time to go check what's for dinner.
Again...Happy New Year!

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