Friday, December 23, 2011

Tom's 5th Day Post Surgery

Monday to Friday and almost home again!

Today, a rainy cold day, and another trip to the hospital.

Tom is now out of the Critical Care Unit, and into a regular hospital room, but thinks he's to be moved somewhere else soon.
 He even had his first meal since last Saturday, which was far from being gourmet, but even though,likely to him probably pretty darn delicious.
I was there when his lunch arrived, and I have to say, the food in hospital leaves much to desire!
Strange coloured mushroom watery soup, some Boost, a small container of milk and one of juice, and pudding that looked like a slab of butter.

The orchestra has been tuning up down in his belly, the catheter's been removed and things are returning to normal! He's still hooked up to an IV and dragging around a pole and a machine that keeps beeping and being a nuisance. Nothing to do with Tom, just the machine's low battery not being plugged in, because the wires are practically hanging on his face!

Boy, does he look good too! I think he looks healthier looking than when he went in, but maybe because I've seen him for the past few days look like he'd been dragged through hell!

I am quite sure he'll be home by Monday. The pathologist report has not come back as yet, so until that report is in, we are still holding our breath. The surgeon, is fairly sure it will be okay, so don't uncross those finger's yet!!

So, this will be the end of my saga of Toms colon cancer surgery. An "on the edge your seat" episode eh?
 It has been for us! 
Unless something drastic happened, I think we are going to be okay now, and as Tom tells everyone, our life is an open book, with this blog being my big mouth!!

Again, thanks for all your wonderful, kind support that got us through.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

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