Sunday, January 15, 2012


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. 


I'm getting slower and slower with this blog, but it's that grey, no colour time of year, that leaves me without inspiration to take pictures or to do anything at all except to get through each day!
Concentration on the present moment is quite an effort!

I'm beginning to skip the odd few and cold days of exercise of walking, ending up with adding a few pounds and feeling quite disappointed with myself. It's so difficult to get myself back on track, but....tomorrow is Monday, and isn't that when all diets begin?
I will be out the door early, and on my 5+ mile trek on the Seawall.
 I've packaged up the candy and put them out of sight and have made a vow to stay out of all those sweet little goodies! 
I'll let you know next blog, if I've been successful!! Wish me luck!

Tom has been gaining strength and feeling much more like himself as each day passes by. He hasn't been very active at all, just spends his days, reading or napping and regaining some energy.I've noticed a big change this past 3 days as his strength returns and he's now beginning to think about returning to his walks as well. Maybe that's the push I need to get going as well.

This is Tom's namesake, his nephew Tom!
(Julie, I can't find the picture of you and the two Toms !  Please forgive me!)  It was so enjoyable to see you both again, and would be nice to visit more often. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!
Below, is a picture with my iPhone. It's a nothing picture, but had to put something on here! 
Just to add another picture, these are my 3X Great Grandparents! 

I hope the resemblance diminished with the ages!

Yesterday we had Martin and Joan over for dinner and while Martin, our technical genius sorted out our computer problems, Joan and I rolled a huge container of loose change and without emptying the container, so far have counted and rolled over $200.00. The bank is going to hate me when I come lugging a big bag of coins! But it was fun, chatting and joking as we worked away, and Joan chasing the coins that got away and rolled here and there.

Today, Tom's sister Belle and husband Ken came over and we had a late lunch/early dinner. They just came home off a big trip to the French Polynesia, and filled us with envy at their adventures to Bora Bora and other places along the way.

Well, lacking things to talk about, I'll say goodnight, and try to think of something more interesting next time.
Bye for now.

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