Friday, January 20, 2012


Snow! What a panic it causes when  so enthusiastically forecast on the news, as if it was the end of the world about to arrive! Snow shovels fly of the store shelves and the grocery stores are busy with people stocking up on staples.

This morning, it was beautiful outside, with the trees laden with snow, but it had very early begun to turn to a miserable drizzle, threatening to take away the beauty, we rarely see.
Now, I'm talking about West Vancouver, not ALL of Vancouver and British Columbia, where you can turn on the TV and  see tons of snow falling at higher elevations and into the interior and the avalanche risk and chains needed on car tires. We are at sea level, and I think the mountains around us, does something to how the snow falls on us here. We sure get the rain though! It's been VERY cold the past week as well, making my walks unpleasant. I don't like the cold!

So, before the snow melted, Tom after some grumbling, agreed to go on a little photo shoot with me. I didn't find anything really spectacular with the snow, but at least did find something different to take pictures of!

 This is the little woodsy area across from the Library where on one of my walks, I jumped sky high when a coyote jumped out of the bushes. He ran away from me!

 It's very pretty in all seasons back in here.

The Lagoon today and in Autumn (below)

Would you believe we still have hummingbirds coming to the feeder. The feeder froze yesterday, and the poor bird was frustrated trying to get a drink, so I brought it in last night to thaw out and place it back this morning. The hummingbird has  been making return trips nearly every 3 minutes to feed.

Anyway, that's the latest from here.
What's new with you out there???

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