Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day and Other Things

Hello out there in computer land, wherever that might be!

It's been so long since I posted and I do feel very guilty, and don't have any excuse, except the days are moving too quickly, and those things I once loved to do, seem less important to me now. Also, life moves on to other interests. However, I still plan to play around with blogging and as long as people come into my site, I'll continue to plug away at it.
Blogger is revamping their entire way of blogging and getting fancier, and I've tried to figure it out, but my attention span doesn't last long enough to be successful at learning the new way. So, will keep on with how I know it, until forced to change.
So, some crazy looking colours and layout's may appear from time to time!

Well, Spring did finally arrive in Vancouver, and as usual, extremely beautiful place at this time of the year.
I'm still plodding along on my walks, and pretty well have my feet adjusted to the orthotics I now need to wear. 
Also, still taking pictures, but even slowed down at taking my camera everywhere.
 On one of my walks, something was different down at the pier, located at the end of our street. At first I didn't see this sight of American flags and the sign, but I noticed a ferry boat loading people on, and my first thought was "Ohhh, they've brought back the ferry to take early morning  commuters into the city" So, had my eye on that and accidentally wandered into a movie set. I seem to be famous for doing that!
The movie, should you ever see it, is called "Percy Jackson".
I never inquired who was in it. I'm just not star struck with movie people, should I see them. In fact....I swear I saw Elton John the other day, but then maybe not!!

Things are much the same at the Lagoon. The mother swan is sitting on a new bunch of babies, but hasn't paraded them in public yet. Only one swan, is out in the morning, and what a testy one it is too!! I brought food down one day, and he/she, made sure that not ONE duck got a morsel! 

I've been bombarded by this guy a few times. Maybe I got too close to the nest of eggs. Those eyes are sure watching me!!

We had our monthly group lunch for April, and as always, a fun time with this bunch!

 Ahhhh, can't go for these group lunches without finishing it off with a B52 drink!
Benji and Tom. What a delightful little pet this budgie is to us. He entertains us constantly with his antics and the new things he learns each day, either in mischief or in speech.
Ahhh Ha!! Finally Tom and I made the COVER of a MAGAZINE!!!
 One lovely day, Tom and I went for a walk along the river trail. A lovely walk, but then again, it's beautiful wherever one walks here.

Seagulls, waiting for lunch to swim by! 
 We look down on this lovely Dogwood tree in full bloom. It's BC's provincial flower.

Well, for some reason, I can't seem to add anymore pictures on here, so will post this blog and work away on the last bit of it, and show you what a wonderful Mother's Day we enjoyed.
Sorry for this horrible lime green and being offside, but I've yet to figure out the new change with every little thing on the new Blogger.
Back soon!

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