Wednesday, May 16, 2012



 Some new additions now on Amherst Island. My sister Sam, and her husband Kass have taken up raising a few chickens for the eggs, but mostly for the fun of it!
 Kass's daughter and boyfriend are building a chicken coop!
 Roxanne looks so full of fun of the adventure of doing this.
 They have named all the chicks, and I believe this one is called after me! That's Linda the chick!
 wow!!! I like the coop builder! Coop is pretty nice too!

Our building is getting a new facelift and renovation on the balconies. An expensive but necessary project for all us condo owners.
You would not believe the noise that begins each morning at 7:30-3:30 pm
Construction workers are testing the concrete and the tap, tap, tapping of their hammers, then the drilling can set you back as if we sat in a dentist chair as the vibration and noise go through the body!
You HAVE to get out of here during the day, or I'm sure we could snap in our mind!!
We went to a lovely Italian restaurant for lunch today, so it's not ALL bad eh?

That's the staging on the 9th floor. We are two floors down.
Below: working on our deck.

We had to move everything from our huge long deck inside. We have patio furniture all over the living room, the bedroom and every spare space we could find. It's horrible in here and will stay this way for a few months yet. We are not allowed out on the decks ALL summer until they are safe to use after the repairs.
So...after moving the outdoor furniture inside, I came across this huge fellow one day, as I went to get my coat! I yelled for Tom, but with his hearing, that was in vain!
So, being the brave, independent woman I am, I got the broom and attacked him. I hate spiders when they are this big!

On to prettier things!!

Amazing how something so pretty can grow out of an old log laying on the beach.

Well, I've done a few blogs today, which has taken up so much time, I'm exhausted and can't wait to set the computer down!
I'm going to Ontario to visit family and friends next month, so will have much to blog about then. Unless something really exciting happen's between now and then, I won't be doing any blog!
See you on my return!

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