Thursday, July 19, 2012


My Aunt Irene and I arrived by train in Belleville, had a short visit at Lisa's home, and then shopped for a cart load of groceries, and goodies and raced to catch the ferry to Amherst Island, which is near Bath, Ontario 

Big hug with my daughter Lisa
 L-R-my wonderful Aunt Irene, my younger sis Roxanne, myself and daughter Lisa

My Grandsons, Matt, the oldest and tallest, and Brad who both tower over me!
It was Matthew's 23'd birthday!
 We had a lovely dinner, then dived into the birthday cake!
 Irene, Kass (Roxanne's husband) and Lisa, enjoying good company and good food!

Brad and his girlfriend Ashley
What to buy for a fun gift for someone who is 23?
 Off we go to see Roxanne's new
 venture of raising 6 chickens for eggs! 
 All the chickens are named after friends and family. Irene is looking for Gladys, her sister and my mom.
Irene and Gladys 

Linda the chicken!

 A chance to get pictures of the brother's together!!
Good looking Grandson's eh?

 Lisa was tall!! Not beside her two sons!

My favourite picture!
 Irene, escaping the heat and enjoying the breeze by the water.

 Across from where Roxanne and Kass live, we could catch a little bit of the Canada Day celebrations going on in Bath, where a huge event of the re-enactment of the war of 1812 against Canada and the U.S. The tall ships were in Bath, but we didn't get over to see that part with event.

We always feel so terribly sad when one of our beloved pets reach the end of their lives and have to be put down.
This is Roxanne's dog, called TJ, who she lost about a week before we arrived.
Below that is where her best pal is buried in a shaded part of the garden with roses and lovely flowers.
We will all miss this little gal!

Heading down to catch the Ferry into Bath on Canada Day
 It's a 20 minute enjoyable ride across.
 Irene, hoping for a breeze, as it was a VERY HOT DAY!
 The gals off on another adventure! Roxanne looks cute in that hat!
 Isn't she sweet! I just love her!! She so NICE and SO MUCH FUN!

 We found some shade and waiting for the parade to start.
 You have to give a big hand to these fellow's wearing those heavy outfits on such a hot day, just to entertain us all.
 Playing the fife!

 Tents set up for the soldiers in the enactment. This was the surgeon's headquarters or hospital.
 Bloody rags and body parts!

 He asked me if I wanted to hold it, then handed me his gun!
Sorry...little humour there!
 It was so HOT that day, but 2 minutes after this picture, we had a downpour of rain. It lasted about 3 minutes then it became very hot and humid again!

 Back in Amherst in the little village of Stella. We had dinner at the one and only cafe there, with one man, taking orders, cooking and delivering the food to the busy tables inside and outside.
We sat waiting for the parade, which was so cute, and short, that it turned around and came back again!
We brought our own wine, and the cafe provided the glasses. All of sudden out came the cook asking everyone to pay up as he had to go sing in a group. 
It's so quaint and such wonderful people over there, that money was collected, of which the cook didn't have any idea who owed what, but everyone was very honest and pulled out their cash. Away he rushed, we cleared off the table and brought the wine glasses and dishes, back to set outside the closed door.
A different and fun world over there!
Irene at the end of the table gives me a laugh every time I look at this picture and the look on her face. The man beside Roxanne is Kass, the other man in the green shirt is his brother Stan and his wife Ramona.
I'm afraid I forget the name of the other two people! We met so many people!
 The fun part of the whole thing is that everyone seems to know each other, but I believe there is only around a population of only 350 residents on the Island!

 This Osprey must of wondered what was with all the music, fireworks and noise around her nest!
 Roxanne and Irene in conversation after eating strawberry shortcake!

 Our man of many talents. First the cafe, and now singing and playing his heart out!!!
 The end of a perfect day! What beautiful sunsets to enjoy!
Continued tomorrow!


  1. Very nice pictures :)

  2. tks for sending me this link to your blog linda, I so enjoyed seeing you get together with your family. And it looked like a great time was had by all. love, debbie


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