Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 We head of, searching for a nice place to eat breakfast, before we tackle shopping! We walk past the Hockey Hall of Fame and had to get out picture taken with the boys!
 This statue looked down on us as if to give us warning to BEHAVE!!
  A beautiful building..The Irish Embassy.!!!! All day breakfast place.
 We walked and walked and walked...and walked some more!

All will be revealed to what is in that bag!!
 All that shopping and walking and it was HOT, so we went into a restaurant for a cool drink...I THINK it was after 12 noon!

One big gulp and a case of brain freeze!

I just can't drink like a lady, but I was so thirsty! No brain freeze for me, as I'm absent a brain!

 That tasted Soooo good!!

 They spotted the calvary up over that thar hill!!!

 Back to our hotel, to change to meet with Janet's son and her sister for dinner.
 This is Jan's sister, Mary-Lou, and who got us our tickets to WarHorse. I haven't seen her in years and she looks exactly as young as she did 20 years ago.
 This is Jan's son, Don, who took us out for dinner to an Italian buffet!
 I also haven't seen Don for years, and he's grown to a fine young man!  It was so great to spend time with Jan's family again and thank you for dinner Don! There is so much love in this family and so nice to see how he adores his mom!
 Back at the hotel and tired and looking forward to another day!

Still best friends after all these years! What great times we've had and what little devils we could be!

Today is the OLDEST you've ever been, yet the Youngest, you'll ever be! So, enjoy the day while it lasts!

 A lovely old hotel, but we sadly faced another night of construction that went on through the night, just outside our window and not much sleep!
 Another shopping day, and guess what Jan found! Buy one purse get one half off! I loved the white and black one and after telling her that a few times, and after a drink (not coffee) she gave me the purse!
 Looking back at these picture's, I see she loved this one also! Now, I'm feeling bad that I took it! I just LOVE it Jan!!
 A different drink eh? Another eating place, but we didn't have one of these, we just took a picture of one.

 Guess what we happened across? An Irish Pub!!! This was the band playing and I asked if they played the bodhran, an Irish drum. They said "no, the guy who plays it didn't come".  Then they asked if I played it. "Oh a pro", I answered foolishly, because I lied and I can only thump, thump thump with no rhythm on it! They then said, that the guy should show up soon, so I turned to Jan and said "Time to leave!"
 This was the whole ceiling of barrows.
 Dianne, you should have been here, the Irish coffee was GREAT!!
 Back at the hotel and look at that lovely pool and we didn't have any bathing suits!!
 No Jan, you can't go in like that!! Tempting though and nobody around!
 We wandered around the hotel, didn't come across the fabled ghost, but Jan sat down in the empty ballroom to give a recital!
 She plays a mean chopsticks!!
 Boogy time!!! Go Jan Go!!!
 Oh Lord....she's trying to raise the ghost now!!! We heard a door click and thought we'd better get out of there before we got thrown out!!

Very sadly, or visit came to an end the next morning. My Aunt Irene, came in on the morning train, and I rushed over to find her and bring her back for breakfast with us, before Jan flew home to Manitoulin Island and I caught the train with my Aunt to begin my 2 weeks in Belleville.
On the way home, Jan picked up a "For Sale" sign for her house, stuck it in the lawn before driving into her driveway, and the house sold the next day!! Her husband didn't even know about it!!
However, it was a planned move, but didn't know it was going to be then and sell so fast!
See you next year Janet and until then, many morning chats across the country with you!
Great time it was!!!
Only I wish I had taken that one picture of you!!! ha ha...(inside joke!)

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