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Goodbye Amherst Island until next year!

 After saying out goodbye's to Roxanne and Kass,Irene and I headed back by Ferry to Belleville with Mike's car he had loaned us for my vacation. Irene had to catch a train that afternoon, but had a little time for another visit at Lisa's and Mike's
 We had a nice little visit, then we all decided to go for lunch in Belleville (about 25 min. away). Then, I'd take my Aunt Irene to the train.
Just as I'm pulling off Hwy.401 onto the ramp and into Belleville, I could feel the car losing power. We held our breath as we limped into Kelsey's where we planned on meeting Lisa for lunch, before she had to go to work.
We had a problem!! 
Who do I send out my S.O.S. to?
Here she is!
One of my very best friends, Norma!

First thing I said over the phone was S.O.S. and she answered, "Where are you, and what's the problem!" She was there within 10 minutes!!! Who need's Ghostbuster's when I have Norma!! Thank you Norma for ALL you did!

So, Lisa was able to drive the car 2 blocks away, to their mechanic before it died completely. Then she had to head to work.
Norma and I took Irene back to the train station, and made sure she was got the train okay with her heavy bag.

I have to make a comment to make on the brand new Belleville Train Station!!! The waiting area is lovely, but who ever designed the idea of taking an elevator up, and then over a set of rails, then taking an elevator down to the very tiny train platform, sure failed with making it easy on travellers with bags, children and those waving goodbye. As you come down the crowded elevator, you end up in a very small, crowded area, hardly able to get out the door to the platform, which you have to do, or you get trampled on! Out on the very narrow, uncovered platform, it's about 6 feet to where the rails are when the train pulls in. It's terribly dangerous, and anyone with kids or strollers, sure risk their life or limb!

Did the same designer, do the new Belleville Library as well? Almost everyone in Belleville that I mention the two location's to, also felt the same way, and just shook their head in agreement as well as threw in their very negative thoughts as well.
I hope they never tear down the old and quaint CN station that had much better functionality and can maybe put it to good use!

But, it was good to return to Belleville and see my family and friends.

This is ONE of the breakfast's or lunch's we had out. I ate and ate, I think!
Clare, a very good and close friend since the 1970's.  Norma, and myself, in the good old Olympic Restaurant, where Norma and I would often go for lunch to get out of the College in the "olden days!"
Clare, Norma and I spent another day together, with some of Clare's family, but I'm getting feeble minded in my old age and never took any pictures! I can't believe I forgot!!We just chatted non-stop!
 Back at the College and here's another of my partner in crimes, Lynn, at her desk in the Loyalist Library.
 Lynn, myself, Jen, and Norma
 I had gone over to visit former workmates, and to surprise my Grandson Brad, who has been working as Student Ambassador and was kept on for the summer. He leaves Loyalist behind soon, and heads off to University to further his education, with the hopes of one day securing a position at Loyalist. How proud I am of him!
When I arrived at the main office, Brad had gone for lunch only 5 minutes ahead of me getting there and I was sad he missed the wonderful, grand reception from the gals when I walked in, as we gathered round with hugs and chatter! Again...I FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!! I'm losing it big time!!!
I did manage to get this one of Brad and Maureen, who was a coffee pal! They said the group hadn't gone for morning coffee breaks, since I left! Ohhh, that was so nice! Does that mean I was missed?
Maureen is in Ireland this very minute as I write this! Lucky gal!!

 Switching locations now, and I'm at my daughter Erin's home with my Granddaughter's, Sarah and Erica.
I'm adding all my visit's with them here all at once as it's a whole lot of work switching around with the photo's.

 Sarah is my youngest Grandchild. She is heading to High School in the Fall. She told me of her touch of anxiety at being in High School. Don't we all remember that excitement/anxiety at that stage of our lives?
She's a really sweet girl and so cute! Look at those eyes!
 Erica is my oldest Granddaughter and she's heading off to College in Ottawa next year. She just got her driver's licence and was showing us how careful and safe she drives. Way to go Erica!
 Here is all the females in the house, not counting the pets.  I never got a picture of Peter, Erin's husband, as he was on the computer, involved in arranging Erica's new life away from home, and I didn't want to bother him.
Cute girls eh?

 It kills me thinking of the years, I've missed seeing them grow up to such lovely, young ladies and not being more in their lives.

 Can this REALLY be MY daughter??
 Enjoying a good giggle between us! Thank God, she never got my nose!!

 We escaped the VERY HOT weather and went to see a delightful movie called "BRAVE". At first I thought seeing a 3D animated movie would be boring, but I really enjoyed it very much!
Watch out for that arrow Erica!

More tomorrow as we move through the days of Vacation

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