Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I landed in Toronto, took the Airport Shuttle downtown and checked in to the Royal York, where my best, long time pal, Jan was waiting!
After check-in, we headed up to the 9th floor to look at our promised "OPULENT" room we were told we had when we booked back in April!
We expected something great, after all, we were staying in the Grand Royal York!!! However, it was just another room, with a bar, and the asking price for a bottle of water was $6.50! We looked no further for the alcohol prices. If it was that price for water, we knew we couldn't afford it!
Our window overlooked the construction being done on Union Station and what a racket and all night long the construction continued!

Jan, has been dieting all year and encouraging me to do the same and some of her words helped, but soon as I seen her, I was bug eyed at how fantastic she looked and so proud of her!
Way to go Kiddo!!! I promise to do better for next year Jan!
We didn't have much time to visit, but we talk on the phone nearly every day, so we just enjoyed being together and laughing at every little thing that happened and me trying to freak her out with the true story of a ghost that haunts the hotel!
We had fantastic seats booked for WARHORSE at the Princess of Wales Theater, so off we went!

This was the most fantastic on stage play, I have ever seen! Spellbinding! How could a puppet bring tears to the eyes? It was truly magical! WarHorse is so well done, that you forget there are men working the horse into different positions and completely imitating a real horse to a T! I loved everything about the play and kudos to those who made it possible to  turn a story into such enjoyable art and  to have a wonderful night of perfect entertainment. Go see it, you won't be disappointed!!

Also a huge thanks to Jan's sister, Marylou, who arranged our tickets and the best seats ever! The show was all on her! Many thanks!

When the show was over, and we came out of the theatre, a whole line of rick shows waited to take on passengers, so Janet and I had to try that!

We felt like we we're in Amazing Race, as our drivers, raced to overtake each other and get out in front. We cheered them on as they ran sweating to our destination of choice...a pub! 
However, the night was young, but we felt too tired to enjoy ourselves and just wanted to get some sleep.
This getting older is not nice, but it hours and hours since we last had slept, with all the travelling we did to get to Toronto.
So, that was really the end of day # 1 of vacation.

Tomorrow...day # 2 

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