Monday, October 1, 2012

The Three Gals Hit The Road Again!

Up early and off we go! Retirement is so much fun, but Retirement with friends is even better!
We are just getting off the Ferry from Horseshoe Bay, heading to Langdale and then catching a city bus to Gibson's BC, which is also up along the Sunshine Coast.
We've arrived in Langdale and all walk-on passengers get off on the car deck, before the vehicles drive off. These ferries sure hold a slew of cars!! I was going to count them, but gave up after 20 as there was so much else to see that caught my attention instead!
 This was just one picture of the scenery heading over to Langdale. It was cold out on the deck, so thought I'd save my picture taking until our return trip, later in the day.
Pretty isn't it!!!
The bus ride was only 4 km, down the road from Langdale to Gibson, so doing what people who start the day early do and have empty bellies,  we looked for someplace to eat!
We found a nice little restaurant with fantastic window views overlooking the water.

Below: Such a cute little cottage/home beside the restaurant. It looked like it was cared for with love!
Hmmmm, which way should we go first?
Gibson is a lovely little place with some cute stores, not many of them, at least within our walking distance,  but we had fun browsing.

I took a walk to the pier and looked at the view, the water homes and a big bird that was sleeping and had his head hidden, until I pounded on the railing and he looked up long enough to get his picture by another of those bothersome tourists! Then he went back to sleep!

Gibson is famous for the Canadian famous TV show called "The Beachcomber's, that was shot here each week in Gibson. Must have been back in the 60's era.
Below, is the famous restaurant/pub that was featured in many of the scenes from the program.

On the tickets when we got on the ferry, they seem to name each day with a different animal. Today's name was COUGAR!
So, we felt we had to live up to our name and we picked up a few least for about 2 minutes, before they wandered off, after this picture was taken! Oh well....

So, after having had lunch, shopped and took some pictures, we had a long wait until our next Ferry. So we found a lovely spot to sit and drink some B52's, and play some cards!!
I did give some though back to my working days, and pictured all the people working at their desks and somehow, it made the day that much more enjoyable!
Scenery, friends, booze, and a card new life!

Come on Linda, it's your play!

So Beautiful!!

That's it, until our next venture. 
Right now, Tom is taking me out for lunch!

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