Monday, October 24, 2016


Saturday, a beautiful Autumn day, my friend Barb and I changed our walking route from the Seawall to the forest trail along the Capilano River. Here's a few pictures we took along the way.

I knew someone who would say, "The beautiful bona vista of Autuminal splendor" 

 My friend Barb, who kept saying "Ohhh, look at that tree, or this tree." Everywhere we looked it was so pretty.

 Not a bear in sight!
 The trail lead us a few miles away to where Barb lives. It would have been nice to stop for a tea, but she left her home keys in the car, which was back where we started. So we trudged on, but so delighted to follow where the path  took us. So many different plants and trees in the wild.

 What a peaceful, beautiful place to walk.

 A wood creature!
 Barb, either checking out an interesting hole in the tree, or taking a rest.

Almost out of the woods now, although the trail does continue much further for miles, but, it was getting late, we felt tired and Whole Foods and a nice smoothie sounded like a great plan!
These aren't the greatest pictures, but I only had my iphone with me. I regreted not taking my big camera, but it's not always the camera, but who is taking the pictures!


  1. As usual your pictures are beautiful, except the itsy bitsy thingy that should be up the water spout. The trees are absolutely gorgeous especially the pink one. What a serene place to walk. Thanks Linda and thanks Barb.

  2. These pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful walk.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I think I have this working better now. Agree the spider is ugly but it was so close to get a good picture I couldn't resist. It also fits with Halloween so close!

      HI Gwen, so happy your found me again. It was a beautiful walk but it's just a great pretty place to live. Not sure what season I like the best.


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