Saturday, December 6, 2008



Out came the suitcase's today and this morning, I began to sort through my clothes to try to mix and match and cut down what I normally would bring and just can't do without! Ohh Lordy, it's a hard job!! I have the largest suitcase practically full, and with only my clothes!! Tom will have to tell me what he would like to wear. He just reaches in the closet and picks this and that, and he's done! I have to try on every combination, search for the right accessories, discard that idea, try on another combination and fold it carefully and place it in the suitcase, knowing that I'll change my mind again at least 5 more times, before we go!! I'm just NOT good at it!!!

Travelling to two very different climates means different types of clothing, and those heavy sweaters take so much more room. There are 5 formal nights on this cruise as well. Yikes!

This time next week, we should just be boarding our flight to Santiago, from Toronto. I'm praying we have three seats between us, so we can cuddle up together, under a coat to keep us warm.

I really missed Batman when the suitcase was opened this morning. He would always crawl inside, maybe hoping he could come along with us. He would then follow me everywhere, hating to see us leave.
As much as I miss him, it's so much easier to go on holidays without having to worry about him being lonely. He'd be so mad at us on our return and would meow at us, in an angry, unforgiving way.

Irene is my wonderful Auntie! Irene and I, have always been very close growing up, as the years between us are few. So, we share some wonderful, fun memories, of great times, while growing up and growing old through the years.

So, on this special day, I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH MUCH LOVE!

Love you Kiddo!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last night, I thought I'd clean up the old files on my computer. Well, I did an excellent job and deleted ALL my saved images....all those cute pictures I put on here!!! DRATS!!!! Oh well, look at all the room on my computer now...always look on the bright side of life! (Sounds like I song I heard recently!)

Today, we went to Wal Mart, so I could print some picture that Erin wanted of her grandparents, and also to print some from my trip to Ontario this summer. It's handy to have photo's on disc's, but I like them in albums to look at as well. Those photo machine at Wal Mart are confusing to use, and I kept doing it wrong. I don't work well, when under stress. Stress was from Tom waiting for me. Doing something like that, needs focus and not having to hurry, not that Tom rushes me, he's always very patient, sitting out in the mall, reading his book and people watching.

Tom had his 2ND epidural in his spine yesterday and we are keeping our fingers crossed it will work as it should. It takes up to 10 days to feel if it's going to work or not. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Then we went for lunch at Brentwood Mall, and I went wandering the mall while Tom waited and read. I came back empty handed!! There is just nothing I need or feel I can afford right now with Christmas and the trip.

I don't have the suitcases out yet, but will start on packing tomorrow. I hate packing!! I try on outfits, disregard, try on something different, trying to mix and match and not to take so much. Somehow, I always still end up with what seems like the kitchen sink included! Going into to very different climates is hard to pack for.

Tomorrow, we are meeting Bill and Dianne for lunch. I love our monthly lunch's out and always come away in such a good mood, having had such fun with them.

I don't think there is a 3 second silence when Dianne and I get together. It's Blah, Blah, Blah....constantly, thrown in with a few good laughs.

Here's a few pictures I downloaded from my camera today!

What a sunset eh?

This one looks towards the mountains as mist is rolling in. The light on the top is the ski lift chalet.

night wit Clear night with a full moon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When I wake in the morning, I greeted by my new friends, the little chickadee's on the bedroom deck, and when I finally get my eyes opened and focused, there they are hopping and fighting for the handful of seed I throw out in the evening. We leave our patio door open quite wide and close the bedroom door, to keep the rest of the condo warm. It's almost like sleeping outdoors, but we love it that way. I almost had a little visitor this morning, when one little bird got curious and hopped right into the room, did a look around, likely spotted bleary eyes, hair standing straight up, ME, and hopped back out again, likely scared out of his little bird wits!! I keep thinking how my cat would have loved watching them. I doubt very much, if he'd of taken any action against them, as poor old Batman, didn't have much chase in him this past few months, but he'd love to watch.

I miss my cat who we had to put down last month. After 17 years, he was very much a part of the family. But, no more pets, I'll just stick to the chickadee's.
When I lived "in my other life", in Belleville, the chickadees, would come and land on my open hand, eating the seeds for them. I felt like something out of Walt Disney! Just lacked a cute tune!

We we're up early this morning and Tom had his second epidurial in his spine for the pain going down his left leg. He said, he could really feel it down to his toes this morning, unlike the last one, so hopefully, this time it will work much better then the last attempt.

Sleep was sparse last night and I'm tired at the moment, and you wouldn't believe what I have on TV. The burning logs they have at Christmas. Why? Beats me!! But, I think I'm going to treat both of us to a nice Irish coffee and then head to the tub and early to bed.

I'll download pictures from my camera and show them to you tomorrow. I was going to do that tonight, but left the camera in the car and don't feel like going down to get it. I don't even remember what's on there, but I'll share them tomorrow. Until then...ta ta!

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